Why Renting is A Smarter Option Than Buying

There are times when you need something for short-term use only. In that case, it is better to go for renting instead of buying it. For e.g. if there is a project of building a fence, you need a saw. But this tool will not be of any use to you once you’re project is done. That’s why it is advisable that you should rent the saw, rather than buy it on full price.

Similarly, there are many things that you should rent because then you don’t have to pay much for them and you wouldn’t fill up you house with things that you won’t re-use. Such things include:

1.  Plumbing equipment
There are many home improvement stores which are famous for providing tools on rent. When such stores are available, you should not opt for buying all kinds of plumbing tools because their usage is infrequent and they are obtainable on rent. Nevertheless, it’s reasonable to keep the most common tools with you such as hammer, drill, etc, because they are used more often.

2. Extra furniture during guest’s visit
If a situation arises where your guests are planning to stay at your home for a certain period of time and you cannot accommodate them, you should go for renting the required furniture. Being the host of the house, it is your responsibility to check whether all the needed furniture is present or not. There are different rental deals available locally, through which you can buy a bed, couch, table, TV, etc on rent. These deals are very cost-effective and provide instant advantages.

3. Pickup trucks for moving
Trucks are majorly used for a short term basis. People use it when they want to move to another place or they want to carry lots of luggage. There is no point in buying a truck if you want to avail any of these two uses. There are truck rental companies like U-Haul, Home depot, etc, which provide trucks on rent. Even furniture delivery charges are higher than carrying furniture on a rented truck.

4. Course books
It is better to buy textbooks on rent, instead of buying new ones on full price. You use a particular book for one or two semesters at maximum and they are very expensive, so it is reasonable to rent them. There are many online rental businesses through which you can rent books, such as Half.com, Chegg.com, Campusbookrentals.com, Amazon, etc.

5. Bikes that are used occasionally
Bikes are very costly and you may not even use them quite often. You need to maintain them and they are hard to keep. Therefore, it is advised that you rent a bike. Bike rental shops are present in various countries. You can even use them while travelling in a new place as they are reasonably priced.

Renting is a very effective and efficient option for items that are used on a short term basis.