What You Need To Know About Natural Organic Skincare

Shopping for natural organic skincare ingredients may sound like a good idea, but it’s not always necessary. The same is true of organically grown foods.

It would be nice if all growers would stop using dangerous pesticides. There are safe alternatives that have been used for centuries, but most of them are toxic to humans and animals. Actually, some of the naturally occurring pesticides are more toxic than the synthetic counterparts.

Other than increased toxicity, the drawback to using only naturally occurring products on a farm has to do with cost. If it costs the farmers more, then the price of foods will go up.

You have no doubt noticed this when you go to buy USDA certified-organic fruits and vegetables. They can cost twice as much.

You always have to wonder about the honesty of the growers. Organically grown produce looks identical to the non-organic varieties.

At least the USDA certifies food growers. There is no organization for certifying growers that supply the cosmetic industry. You just have to hope that the grower is being honest.

Many of the most dangerous pesticides have been banned. There is no longer a need to buy natural organic skincare products, because you are worried about exposure to DDT for example. Those chemicals may still remain in the soil and water.

It is possible that exposure could still occur, because of their bioaccumulation and persistence in the environment. But, it wouldn’t matter whether you bought organics or not.

Luckily some plant foods and extracts used in cosmetics are protected by the plant itself from chemicals. Nuts and seeds are examples.

If a fruit or vegetable is sprayed with a pesticide, the residue will be found in the outer flesh of the produce, but not in the seeds or nuts. It isn’t necessary to certify natural organic skincare oils derived from nuts and seeds. They are safe.

Examples include grape seed oil and Shea butter. As long as they are cold-pressed, there is no risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals.

That’s one thing that you cannot learn simply by shopping for natural organic skincare ingredients. Many manufacturers do use only the cold-pressed varieties. No solvents are used in the extraction processes. The oils of organically grown grapes or Shea nuts could be extracted using hexane or other solvents. Most companies would be against doing that. But, you never know.

Hexane residues are probably just as dangerous as pesticide residues. One of my favorite ingredients is Shea butter. It has anti-aging activity and makes a wonderful night cream. But, only Grade A or premium Shea butter is free of hexane. Any other grades contain contaminants. Most of what you find in the cosmetic industry is one of the lower grades.

I think that finding a manufacturer you feel you can trust is more important than anything else. Some of the companies that claim to use only natural organic skincare ingredients do so simply because they know they can charge more. Why pay more if you can’t be sure it’s better?

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