Vitamin A and Vitamin E For Anti-aging

While there is no way to stop getting older, there are ways in which you can delay the signs of aging. There are some that can even be reversed through plastic surgery. Of course, there are rough days when you definitely feel your age. But, this does not mean that you have to look at it too. In fact, we have come to know that it is very important to live well, eat well and exercise to look our best. However, there are some people who have made no effort to look after themselves and once they start getting the signs of aging they try to find miracle cures. Unfortunately, there are none. But, there are ways in which one can delay the signs (if done on time) or slow them down, or even reverse them gradually. Unfortunately, even the healthiest skin in the world will eventually sag and wrinkle and experience discoloration or pigmentation.

One way to overcome the aging effect is through the use of vitamins and supplements. There are a couple of anti-aging vitamins that you can get in the market. You can find the best of them and know the different things that they do. These vitamins help to repair the signs of aging, like improving the skin’s colour and getting rid of some of the wrinkles that have developed because of age. And, the great thing about such vitamins is that they not only improve the appearance of the skin, but also improve physical and mental health if taken orally. However, anti-aging vitamins can also be applied topically onto the skin in cream or oil form.

There are two very important vitamins used in anti-aging products. These are Vitamins E & A. They are classified as anti-oxidants because of the way in which they function. Vitamin E is actually thought to be the most important vitamin in the fight against the signs of aging. However, it is not actually a single vitamin but it is a collection of 8 vitamins that each work differently. Vitamin E fights against oxidative stress, which is basically the short term for the causes of aging. Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals which cause the signs of aging. These include fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, sagging, etc. Free radicals are basically over-reacting molecules in the body caused by oxygen. The oxidative stress is when these molecules begin to attack surrounding cells. This is where Vitamin E is beneficial. When Vitamin E is applied directly onto the skin, it can protect the skin damage from sun, which also causes aging. It not only protects from this, but also repairs existing damage.

It does not have to be taken in the form of a supplement or applied directly onto the skin. It is also beneficial to eat foods that contain Vitamin E. It is recommended to consume at least 30 mg of Vitamin E each day. Food sources of Vitamin E include olives and olive oil, papaya, sunflower seeds, and avocado. There is also some Vitamin E in blueberries and spinach, but not as much. The skin is made up of cells. Therefore, to keep the skin looking beautiful the cells have to be healthy. For this Vitamin A is a beneficial vitamin for anti-aging purposes. It keeps the cells (and thus the skin) resistant to damage because it is healthy and moist. This means that the skin is also protected from damage resulting from free radicals when it receives sufficient Vitamin A. When applied topically Vitamin A has been found to actually lighten the liver spots on the skin that result from aging.

About Harley John.Anti aging vitamins are truly important when it comes to fighting the aging process. They are an easy source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help prevent cell damage and revitalize the body by boosting metabolism and cell growth.