Uses of Baking Soda in Your Home

Baking soda can be very useful in many ways. You will be shopping for baking soda for rest of your life if you  just knew some of the ways in which you can use it.

Explained below are a few ways in which you can use baking soda at your homes.  

Unclogging Drains  - Tired of smelly drains? Baking soda can come in handy. You can use baking soda and reduce the smell down significantly in just few minutes. Sprinkle some baking soda and pour hot water on it. You can also use baking soda in combination with white vinegar and pour hot water over it. This can help unclog the drains.

Washing Machines - If you didn’t already know, baking soda can help while cleaning your laundry. It helps brighten laundry when used as detergent. Baking soda also makes the laundered clothes fresh. It has also been proven to be a very good fabric softener.
Baking soda may also used for the purpose of cleaning your washing machine.

If you put baking soda at the bottom of the crisper drawer, it eliminates the smell caused by vegetables and fruits that have been in it for quite some time. It can also help remove stubborn stains which may have not been removed by other means.

Your Beloved Cooking Utensils
Baking soda helps reduce smells absorbed by your non-stick pans. It also helps in making stains less visible or completely removes them. Now you won’t need to worry about the removing the food that gets stuck after baking. Just use baking soda on your pots or pans and it will do you wonders.

Microwaves and Tomato Stains
Baking soda works great on grease and stuck food particles. It helps your microwave get rid of odors. Also, it tackles stains left by tomatoes with ease.

Get Rid of Difficult to Remove Food Particle Remains
Food particles that are stubborn to remove can be easily tackled by spraying baking soda and water solution with interval of few hours. You can see the tough food particles start to dissolve within the first attempt.

An Inexpensive Dishwashing Detergent
You can make a homemade detergent for dishwashing by mixing baking soda with small amount of sodium borate, also known as Borax. It makes a very effective dishwashing detergent which is not as expensive as other detergents. Baking soda can also be used in cleaning your dishwasher.

Get Rid of the Trash Smell
Can’t control the trash smell? Baking soda helps a lot in reducing this foul odor. Just sprinkle baking soda onto the trash or at the bottom of you dustbins. You can also use it to clean your dustbins and make them odorless.