Top Secret to a Lasting Marriage

Questions on How to Make a Long Lasting Marriage

Asks priests and love gurus and they will have different recommendations. When people start to give, you bulk solutions, the world gets broader. Get away from those thoughts; understand why marriage wins, and many times fall in these times.

Why Marriages Win

Is it simply because of love and trust? Definitely no, it’s a plethora of underlying factors such as behavior, family background, social status, circumstances, genes, mentality, family structure, reproductive capacity and etc.

Modern marriage relationship therapists would always tell divorcees give it a night and come back tomorrow for the final decision. What’s usually happens next is divorce cancelation. Why is it so? It’s theoretically because modern relationships are different from the previous decades.

The previous millenniums have this trend of sacrificing one’s welfare for the bond of marriage. To the point, that even men becomes unfaithful – their wives would still persevere for the sake of the marriage.

In short, why marriages win? It’s because of the “value.” A person who doesn’t value marriage that much does not have the perseverance of keeping marriage to the test. Basically, a person is molded knowing nothing about marriage, it’s media, family, and peers that teaches him. If you were born in these times, expect that it will be a tough fight to keep marriage for life. A reality we don’t accept which usually kicks us in the face.

How to Learn to Value your Marriage According to Marriage Relationship Therapists

(For Unmarried People)

  • Think of Marriage as Once in a Lifetime
  • As long as Possible, don’t commit if you Don’t Really Know the Person
  • Don’t Marry a Person who has an Abusive Family
  • A Kid is not a license to get Married “Love and Respect is”
  • At First Place, don’t marry a Person who has the Red Flags. Everybody is not perfect but at least reserve your right not to marry a Fornicator or a Sadist.
  • Fix Yourself First. Insecure people are those unfaithful in marriages. Marriage needs you to be mature and so teen-life is over.

(For Married People)

  • Think about your Kids instead of Boozing on Friday Nights
  • Keep Yourself Fit and Healthy if you Value your Marriage (Sexually and Emotionally)
  • Get a Job and Have a Plan for Your Family
  • Stay Away from Insecure Peers – they’ll implant the seed of Insecurity on You.

Sometimes, we set aside even the most practical advice we hear – because of conflict. Marriage is such a simple word with a complex meaning and even marriage relationship therapists cannot guarantee most of their tips to work on every marriage.

If this happens, the only thing both of you can hold on to – is the value for marriage you’ve learn. At the first place, you wouldn’t be facing such hurtful event if you’re partner also knows how to value your marriage.

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