Top Five Hair Washing Myths

We all want to have shiny, healthy hair, but when it comes to good and bad hair wash routines, what are the facts and what are the myths? Here are the top five hair washing beliefs, along with an explanation for each one, telling you whether they are a fact or a myth.

1) Your hair will start to clean itself if you leave it unwashed for long enough: MYTH

Many people believe, misguidedly, that if you leave your hair for a very long time it will start to clean itself. Hair does not magically clean itself and if you leave it unclean for too long, your scalp could become itchy and irritated, and your hair could become lank and greasy.

The best way to wash is using good quality salon hair products such as Kerastase, ghd and Tigi. You can buy these from beauty salons but also from some supermarkets. If salon hair products are out of your price range, the next best thing is to buy another kind of high quality hair product.

2) If you wash your hair every day the natural nutrients will be stripped out: MYTH

If you use good quality hair products, washing your hair every day will not strip out nutrients. In fact, your shampoo will help to invigorate the scalp and give you shiny, healthy hair.

Again, it is always best for your hair if you choose salon hair products. These tend to go a lot further so you can use less and still get an excellent result – great news if you are washing your hair every day as you will have to replenish your shampoo stores less often.

3) You need to change your shampoo regularly or your hair will become accustomed to it and it will stop working so well: MYTH

This is a commonly held belief which is actually a myth. As long as you are using a high quality shampoo, chosen to complement your hair type and suited to your scalp, you should end up with good results every day and there won’t be a need to swap your hair products around.

4) If your hair is greasy, you shouldn’t use conditioner: MYTH

Everyone will benefit from using a conditioner, unless your cut is extremely short. If the hair is greasy, you can massage the conditioner into the tips and the body of the hair and not into the scalp in order to get the best results. Conditioner is a good way to produce untangled, soft and shiny hair, and salon products will protect and strengthen the hair, as well.

5) If you rinse your hair with cold water it will be shinier: TRUE

This is the one commonly held belief that is actually true. Cold water does help to create shinier hair, because it helps close the cuticle layer of the strand after washing and therefore boosts the effect of conditioner. If you rinse your hair in cold water after washing, it will appear more lustrous and shiny.

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