Top Cooking Tips That Enhance Your Nutrition

We all ensure that we and our families eat nutritious food to stay healthy. We consume some food in raw form, whereas cook others. The most important thing about food is the way we cook it. When we cook food, it loses a lot of its nutrition because of intense heat. This way we are unable to consume the right quantity of nutrients present in the food. Maximum nutrient absorption is very necessary to ensure that you are eating healthy.

Below are few tips that will help you to prepare nutritious meals every time. .

1. Use Iron Pans to Cook Food
Cooking food in non-stick pans is good since it requires less oil. However, the number of people suffering from anemia and blood deficiencies has also increased world over. By using iron pans you can ensure that your food contains maximum amount of iron. You can also add lemon drops in your pan so your food extracts maximum iron content.

2. Cook Food with Acidic Food Products
Nutrients such as calcium, iron, and several other minerals need acidic medium in order to absorb nutrients in a better way. So you should add tomatoes, lemons, and juices of citrus fruits especially when you cook leafy vegetables.

3. Spray Oil onto Your Food While Cooking
You should use oil spray to cook food so it absorbs less oil. But, if you do not wish to use oil spray, you can measure up the amount in a spoon so you cook food in less oil. For example, if you are preparing a vegetable meal for four people, you should use two tablespoons of oil so each person consumes only half tablespoon of oil.

4. Stop Stocking Vegetables
If you are habitual of cutting and storing vegetables, you must know that the longer you keep them in fridge, the more they lose their nutritional content. The best way is to cut vegetables and consume them right away to get maximum nutrients.

5. Choose Cooking Oil Carefully
You should always select cooking oils carefully. Although, blended oils are considered the best to cook food, you can also stock two different oils and use them alternatively. For instance, you can use one kind of oil to prepare lunch and the other to prepare dinner.

6. Use Garlic
Garlic contains health protective properties, especially for cancers and cardiac problems. Use at least three to four cloves of garlic to prepare food every day.

7. Avoid Deep Frying Your Food
Your cooking method determines how nutritious your food is. Instead of deep frying food, you should consider grilling or sautéing it. Not only does it taste better, it is also lower calories in it.