Top 5 Health Mistakes to Avoid

A lot of people consume nutritional diet as well as work out regularly to live a healthy life. However, they are sometimes making worst health mistakes that would cost them immensely later in life. There are various risks that you could be taking; however, you can rectify them today by taking smarter health decisions. Here are the major health mistakes that you need to avoid:

1. Missing Out Breakfast
Many people skip breakfast very easily, assuming it to as an unimportant meal of the day. A lot of people do it when they are trying to lose weight. When you go to sleep, the metabolism of your body slows down, and when you wake up, the body needs substantial amount of food to get the metabolism working. The body starts starving when you wake up after eight hours of sleep. So, naturally when your body does not receive ample amounts of food, your energy levels are sure to suffer.

2. Exposing To Sun for Tan
It is a well-known fact that too much of sun exposure damages our skin. However, people are still anxious to go out in the scorching sun to get themselves tanned. Why is there the need to do so when you can use skin tanning creams easily available in super stores and cosmetic marts? Both exposure to sun and avoiding sunscreen increase your chances to get more skin damage. This can result in premature aging and in worse conditions; you could suffer from skin cancer.

3. Smoking
Everyone knows that smoking is extremely dangerous for health and there are no exceptions for people of any age. The repercussions of smoking are premature wrinkles, throat and lung cancer, complications in pregnancy among women, and risk of impotence among men. These are only specific effects of smoking on your health; the list could be exhaustive. Smoking deprives the skin of important nutrients, dehydrates it and weakens its elasticity.

4. Avoiding the Doctor
In fact, no one likes going to the doctor as it is extremely time-consuming and most importantly thrusts medicines upon you. According to health experts, everyone should go to the doctor for a yearly checkup so the problems are detected and treated well on time. Women should go to their gynecologist for breast exams and pap-smears every year and mammograms after the age of 40. Similarly, men should get their testicles examined for any irregularities as well as go for a test for colon cancer.

5. Not Sleeping Sufficiently
Usually, people need at least 8 hours of sleep at night to get working properly the next day. Although, many people are aware of the fact, they still go to their beds late in the night and wake up early in the morning to go to work. Sleep deprivation not only makes one feel lethargic, it also causes depression, weight gain, anxiety, insulin resistance, heart diseases, and accidents due to decreased mental alertness.