Top 10 Male Grooming Guidelines for Personal and Professional Victory

A cheerfully irresponsible attitude cannot make a man set and accomplish his goals. A competent man is known by his attitude towards his personal and professional life. A well groomed man does not only look charming and desirable, but also appears magnetizing at professional occasions. Success is highly associated with how a man carries himself. Let’s take a look at some male grooming guidelines that can help you realize public and private victory.

1. Facial Treatment
It’s true that men’s facial skin is not as delicate as that of women. Nevertheless, soap is not the right choice for you. Instead, use a branded face wash using warm or cold water only. You should moisturize your face often and can also use a sun-block lotion to prevent tanning.

2. Say No to Bad Breath
Whether you are out with your girlfriend, wife, or a business partner, bad breadth can really ruin the entire meeting. Your oral hygiene is necessary for you as well as those around you. Brush your teeth and tongue regularly, use a mouthwash, gargle with lime water or vinegar mixed water, and visit a dentist once in a while to avoid teeth and/or gum infections.

3.  Adopt Ideal Shaving Methods
Use only superior quality shaving equipment. For a nice smooth shave, leave the shaving cream or gel on your face for a couple of minutes to let the hair soften. You should exfoliate your face once in a while. Get to know your hair and skin type, and then opt for either shaving cream or gel.

4. Arresting Eyes
Nothing else can attract as much as eyes do. Shiny glowing eyes look so arresting that others can’t help avoid a glance. Avoid eye-bags at all times as they really look ugly. Close your eyes tightly for 4-5 seconds and open them instantly. Repeat many times a day. Try this exercise to boost blood circulation in eyes to help them look youthful.

5. A Smile Can Make a Difference
A smile can engage the other people and convey numerous expressions. However, for that, it has to be real and supported by healthy teeth and fresh breath. If you pay attention to oral hygiene and regularly visit the dentist, you can definitely have a ravishing smile.

6. Hands and Feet Care
Scrub your hands and feet, file nails, and apply moisturizers frequently. Your hands and feet say a lot about your sense of personal hygiene.

7. Dress for Success
Dress exactly according to the occasion. Go for only what fits you well and suits you the most. Your clothing must always be clean and ironed. Choose colors preferred for men.

8. Do Away with Body Odor
Use colognes to eliminate bad body odors. However, excessive use of colognes is also as disturbing to others as bad body odor. Keep it mild but nicely scented.

9. A Bald Head is Not a Bad Idea
If you are balding, it is advised to keep short hair or a completely shaved head.

10. Eat and Exercise to Stay Healthy
Use fresh fruits and vegetables make you look younger and more appealing. Exercise to stay energetic.