Things Men Must Avoid to Maintain the Perfect Relationship

Some actions we perform spring up from our habits and we may not be aware of this. We also do a lot of things with the best of intentions and yet they drive the other person away.
There is no better place to see this theory in action than a perfect relationship. Let’s see 10 things that men knowingly and unknowingly do to turn off their dream girls! Read on.

When  you Reminiscence the Not-So-Glorious Past
So she’s all dressed up for the perfect date, or if you are married, the much awaited romantic dinner. She is expecting to take things to the next level, while you are indulging ‘golden’ memories about your youth, your college band, your joint buddies etc.

Whenever these thoughts linger in your mind, flush them out immediately! You will hurt your partner’s feelings in more ways than you can imagine as she will think that having her in your life did not create any fond memories.

This was not my Destiny
So, both of you have crossed the 30 year mark and it’s time to think about starting a family.
And what do you do? You tell her that you were not cut up for the job that is presently paying your bills because you always had that creative instinct in you to become the next Picasso/Mozart/Spielberg/Steve Jobs.

Once again, shut up! You have already passed the time when you could have gone after your rock star pursuits. Be serious, get your act together and plan your future with her.

Me, Myself and Myself!
Ladies already have the repute of talking a lot about the issues that interest or bother them. Gossip, shopping, babies etc.

But if you want to keep things working, never assume their role of talking without listening! When you don’t pay heed to what she is saying, prepare to meet the inevitable.

This also goes for running after your own needs without taking her desires into consideration (super bowl vs. visiting her folks etc.)

Momma’s Boy
It is obvious that your mother loves you a lot, but she may also be giving your partner a hard time. To avoid the conflict of interest, close your chatter box about how much your mom does for you. Appreciate (loudly) what your partner is doing for you instead.

How I Wish you Were Here
So you are enjoying weekend holidays with your buddies and she’s sick at home. What do you say over the phone?
‘I am having a blast, talk to you later!” No, you should rather say ‘Missing you, I wish you were here.’ That would be perfect.

The ‘B’ Word
You do a lot of things wrong BUT you do one thing right every day. So what right does she have to count all your mistakes to you when you are doing one thing right? This is simply unfair! BUT, try to avoid the “but” thought. Try talking to her about it to maintain the peace in your relationship.

Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
Yes it does, but you have to admit your mistakes and apologize. Put your ego aside when it comes to your relationship. Your friends may look down upon you for breaking the guy’s code, but it will keep the relationship working.

So men, if you value your woman, change these habits right away!