The Bangs: How to Be Your Own Hair Dresser

If you want to cut your own bangs then you have landed on the right page. Some people are scared of cutting their own bangs. It is because they are in the fear of doing it wrong, as a single wrong cut can destroy your whole appearance. This is why people tend to leave the job to those who master in it.

However, there is a small section that believes in self service and does not go to a hair dresser for a haircut. It is mostly because they don’t find it justified to spend dollars on haircuts, and believe in taking scissors in their own hands.

For such people, given below are some basic tips to perfectly cut their own bangs.

Do it when the Hair is Dry
Do not cut your hair when they are wet because you will not be able to gauge its true length. You will end up with hair shorter than you may have expected. Always wait for your hair to dry before running scissors through them.

Handle Your Hair Well
If you want to properly cut your hair then you must keep them in a proper shape. Make sure that you only cut the unwanted hair and don’t end up spoiling the look. If hair keeps falling in your face, then pull it back into a ponytail or use hair clips to keep it out of the danger zone.

Use a Good Pair of Scissors
There are special scissors in the markets that are specifically made for hair cutting. They are sharp, easy to hold and perfectly shaped. By using the right tools, half the job will be done easily.

Fine-toothed Comb
Use a fine-toothed comb to hold the hair where you want the bang length to be. You must do this carefully so that you get the perfect length for your bangs.

Get the Perfect Bangs
Once the comb is fitted, you can start cutting the hairpin a single motion. However, it is not that easy as the comb often slips away, and you might not be able to get a straight line. To be sure that nothing of that sort happens, always, cut bits at a time and never rush through the process.

You can also do your bangs in sections by cutting one part at a time and then moving on to the next one.

Once mastered in the art, you can easily cut your own bangs at home and save money. The money saved can be utilized on buying tools for hair cutting so that you have fun giving yourself the perfect bangs.