The 6 Most Affordable Vegetables to Grow

Why grow your own vegetables?

Many people like to grow their own vegetables. There might be other reasons to do so other than trying to save money. Some vegetables can be bought much cheaper at the super market, and no matter how hard you work to grow them, you will not save any money. Therefore growing your own vegetables is more of a consideration of choice than to actually save any money. However, the following vegetables are considered to be the most cost affordable.

1. Lettuce
The price of lettuce has risen considerably during the last two years, so this is one basic reason that makes this vegetable one of the top 6 most affordable vegetables to grow. A package of seed costing just $2 will ensure you a steady supply of fresh vegetables during the entire season. The leafy varieties of lettuce are easier to bring in by plucking the outer leaves, which also allows the plant to grow and to keep producing.

2. Bell Peppers
The cost of bell peppers has also risen making it an affordable vegetable to grow yourself. A pepper plant usually costs $1, and if your plant 10 plants you will eventually harvest 100 plants. You do not need to use commercial fertilizer, instead peat moss, rock phosphate and lime does just fine.

3. Garlic
The price of garlic ranges from $1 to $7 per pound. Homegrown garlic costs less than $0.50 to grow in your garden.  Garlic is easy to grow if not overwatered. Garlic can be grown in the winter when most other crops cannot survive due to the cold. The time of planting garlic is very important for it to bear maximum fruit.

4. Winter Squash
Winter squash typically costs around $1.99 or less per pound. Starter plants are available for $2 each. These starter plants typically produce around $200-$300 per season. This is the best use you can make of your gardening space in winter.

5. Tomatoes
The prices of tomatoes usually vary every season, but they usually cost between $2 and $4 per pound. For a cost of around $40 and additional cost of $15, you can grow tomatoes worth $160 to $320 per season. Tomatoes can be used in various dishes and sauces. Having a ready supply of tomatoes saves money since the cost of tomatoes increases during winter.

6. Broccoli
This vegetable is not a great money saver; in fact you might be able to buy it cheaper at the market. One Broccoli starter produces two pound of Broccoli each. Just the convenience of having fresh Broccoli for 6-8 months is the real reason that you should grow Broccoli. This vegetable has considerable nutritious value and is a good source of Vitamin A, calcium and Vitamin B2.