The 6 Main Causes for Getting Dumped

Breakup in Relationships
You are in an amazing romantic relationship and everything seems to be going well. Then suddenly out of nowhere the relationship comes to an end. You breakup. Some of the major reasons that relationships come to an end are as follows.

Your Partner Found Someone Else
The news hits you like a ton of bricks. You are having the time of your life with your partner, when he/she gives you the dreaded new: I’ve met someone else.  This happens to a lot of people, and obviously this person wasn’t right for you. Well don’t be too disappointed! There is someone out there who will be better for you, so just move on.

Is your partner continuously suspicious about your friendship with people of the opposite sex? Does he/she keep questioning you about who you were with? Maybe you think that you have managed to control your jealous inclinations. If you are not comfortable with the people that your girlfriend/boyfriend sees, maybe it you should put a little trust in the relationship. If you can’t do that, then obviously it is time to move on.

You are not Completely Honest
One of the main causes for getting dumped is that your partner is not completely honest with you. A good example would be lying over minor things such as where they spent some money, who they were with etc. If in a relationship you conceal things, then that relationship is doomed to failure. Partners who cannot be completely honest with each other should go their separate ways.

Religious Differences
Mostly at the beginning of a relationship the attraction is so great, that religion seems to be quite irrelevant. Suddenly one day it strikes and either one or both of you start to think that religion is quite important for your future lives. This usually happens when couples decides to have children. What was not important for years suddenly becomes so important that you feel the need to break-up.

One of the Partners Wants To Get Married
Women, often more than men, need permanency in their relationship. They need a commitment to bind them together. The man may truly love his partner, but right now marriage is not what he wants. Compelling a man to marry usually ends in disaster. Well then this is the time for the woman to find someone who appreciates her and wants to get married as much as the woman does.

You Have to Marry the Family
There is an old wise saying that says, “You do not marry one person but his/her entire family”. This is very true. When counting the merits of a good life-long partner, remember that his/her family are a very essential part of the equation. If the family interferes in everything, tries to dominate your life, is not supportive of your relationship or your goals in life, then your partner may decide not to marry you because of your family.