Tested Ways To Get Your New Born To Sleep

baby-sleeping-600First time parents often find themselves frustrated, exhausted and wondering if they will ever get another whole night’s sleep again and like most other parents they buy all the baby sleep books only to have their hopes dashed when nothing works for them. If you are in this position it will be no consolation to know that you are not alone and that 99% of us have been there before you. Unfortunately babies don’t know the difference between night and day, never mind knowing that night time is sleeping time. As a parent it is your job to lead your baby into good sleeping habits as gently as possible.

Here are a few things that are tried and tested and do work.

1. At every opportunity during the day carry the child in a baby sling and talk to them as you do some chores, they love it.

2. A warm bath before bedtime followed by a warm bottle or feed.

3. Swaddle the baby before putting him in his crib. New born babies seem to enjoy the feeling of being restricted.

4. Put the baby in a warm crib, not hot, heated by a baby hot water bottle.

5. Leave a little night light on so that you can check on him or her without turning up the main lights.

6. Don’t put too many blankets on him, making him too warm will wake him up and the result will be another sleepless night.

7. When the ten o clock feed comes around don’t turn the lights up. Have another night light plugged in near the changing station.

8. If the baby has been ‘grizzling’ during the day, after the bath give him a gentle massage with baby oil; that often does the trick.

9. Sing lullabies at bedtime if he is still awake and have a musical mobile which you can leave on. You can also put on a CD of sounds such as, the sea, wind rusting through the leaves etc.; see which one your baby likes the best.

10. Very often it is easy to lull a baby to sleep but difficult to transfer him from the warmth of your arms to the crib. Make sure the crib site is easy to lower by an adult (but not by the baby) and you can do it with one hand while you hold you baby with the other.

Babies are individuals. What works for one may not work for another but don’t give up, keep on trying. Remember, you are in charge, even though in the middle of the night it might not feel that way.

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