Sixteen Career Clusters to Guide You to the Right Goal

The 16 career clusters incorporated according to the federal guidelines into an interactive career exploration tool which can help the students in a better way to choose their future career path. The 16 career clusters are

1. Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources.
2. Architectural and Construction Technologies.
3. Arts & Communications Technologies.
4. Business Management & Administration.
5. Education and Training.
6. Finance.
7. Government and Public Administration.
8. Health Science.
9. Hospitality & Tourism.
10. Human Services.
11. Information Technology.
12. Law, Public Safety & Security.
13. Manufacturing Technologies.
14. Marketing, Sales & Service, Science.
15. Engineering & Mathematics.
16. Transportation, Distribution & Logistics.

This can give a proper guidance to the student to choose the career path in a very comprehensive manner. By choosing the right career path according to the talent and interest of the student, they can perform the duties in a very responsible manner. This will in turn help the student to achieve goals with utmost job satisfaction. The 16 career clusters cover all the areas of careers which are available in the country. Choosing the career path according to the 16 career clusters will help to understand and select the perfect path which suits to each individual student. This type of grooming at an early age makes the student self sufficient for the path he / she has chosen.

The 16 career clusters are a blessing for the students to choose the right path according to the talent and ability of the student. The clusters are defined in a very user friendly manner to enable the student to understand each and every cluster properly, so that he / she can get accustomed to the particular cluster. He / she can also gather the information about the prospects of each cluster. This will help the student to make a wise choice. The 16 career clusters help the student who has found an exciting career, to research for the latest information available for about 90% of all the careers available in the country. They can explore on additional career option resources such as national and international career and college searches and help themselves in obtaining the financial aids and scholarships, which can help them to pursue their career path more vigorously and dedicatedly. This knowledge can help the students to select the right career path from the listed 16 career clusters and specialize in them to get more mileage in the search of a bright future.

Each and every sector listed in the 16 career clusters are grouped according to the uniqueness of subject matter. This will help the student to specialize in the required knowledge bank to ensure he / she is well equipped with sufficient knowledge in the selected criteria. When a student choose the career path from 16 career clusters in which he / she is interested, the student will put the earnest effort to procuring perfect knowledge in the subject matter. This will help them to pursue their career with honesty and sincerity. Since the career path is chosen according to the talent and ability of the student, they will be able to get the job satisfaction. This will lead to the optimum productivity.

About Eli Gilbert.16 Career Clusters A great tool for teachers, counselors, and parents in helping students identify their interests and goals for the future. Use in guidance offices, career labs, libraries, and as a great enhancement to any state career information system.