Simple Ways to Help You Eat Less

Reports suggest that eating quickly is one of the main reasons for the expanding waistlines in men. As per another study, men tend to eat faster than women, eating approximately 30 more calories in a minute.

A research by the University of Rhode Island states that there is a direct connection between eating faster and emotional turmoil. A university’s professor, Dr. Kathleen Melanson, said that an emotional person pays less attention to what he or she is eating. People often desire more food in such scenarios, which leads to overeating.

Eating quickly does not allow stretch receptors, the nerve endings in the stomach, to recognize when it is time to stop. A person continues to eat, which leads to overeating; hence the weight gain.

So, what should be done to control the problem that has affected several men all around the world? It is very simple if you are willing to follow the easy tips given below. They will help you eat less and lose weight swiftly and easily.

Prepare for Your Meal

You must prepare for your meal before eating. Be calm and relaxed when you begin your meal. This is because when one is anxious or stressed, he or she tends to eat more. Try to avoid eating when you are stressed or are in an emotional trauma to avoid overeating.

The Right Utensils

Use smaller utensils, such as spoons and chopsticks. This way you will not eat a lot in one bite and easily manage the food that goes inside your stomach. Also use smaller and shallow plates for your meals. Having big or deep plates often result in overeating.

Enjoy Your Food

Enjoy your food and pay attention to all the aspects of it. Eat slowly while paying attention to the taste and texture of every bite. As per Jeffrey Greeson, this trick makes your stomach believe that you are full and you tend to let go of your fork at the right time.

Don’t Forget Water in Between

Make it a habit to drink water before starting your meal and also between your meals. This not only keep you hydrated, but also makes your stomach feel fuller, leading you to eat less.

Find the Right Distraction

Some distractions are bad, such as watching television while eating, as your mind tends to concentrate on the TV and you continue to eat resulting in overeating. However, some distractions such as a light conversation while eating are good. As per a research by Flinders University, we tend to take longer breaks in eating when in a conversation that results in slow and less eating.

The Right Addition

Some foods can help reduce your craving for food, such as black tea. As per a study in the Journal of American College of Nutrition, black tea helps you avoid hunger. In addition to this, you may also use hot sauces to send signals to your brain. Hot sauces and spices also result in drinking more water which means less food is consumed.