Save Money in the Kitchen – 3 Tips to Save Money at Home

In the current economic climate we’re all looking to save money anywhere we can. If you’re looking to save money in the kitchen there are lots of things you can do. This article will list several tips and tricks you can use to save money on home meals.

#1 Substitute More Affordable Ingredients and Foods For the More Expensive Foods

Instead of beef, why not substitute lean chicken in your stir-fry? Or instead of a meat-based meal every night for dinner, why not substitute a vegetarian option a few nights a week? You can find lots of great vegetarian recipes online that taste similar to the full-meat version.

Another way to do this is to add more veggies to the meal – and less meat. So you don’t cut it all out, you just cut down (chances are the family won’t even notice). This way you may be able to stretch the meat ration out to 2 meals instead of one.

Whenever you’re looking at the food you eat for the week, ask yourself if there’s a way to substitute a more affordable food for the most expensive one.

For example, my husband really loves these apple tarts we get at the local bakery. But they are 2 for $6 (which means they’re gone in 2 days). But instead of that I buy him an entire apple pie for 6 dollars and it lasts him around 4 times as long. And he doesn’t even notice the difference!

#2 Cook and Bake Specialty Food Items Yourself

On a gluten-free diet? Or maybe you need special nut-free food? Or sugar-free diabetic friendly foods? Specialty foods like gluten-free breads or nut-free cookies can run you almost twice the price of regular versions.

But it’s easy to go online and look up recipes yourself and make these items. This can save you a lot of money. For example, I have a diabetic friend who makes her own diabetic, gluten-free cookies at home using Stevia (a no-carb sweetener), almond flour and coconut.

She makes a big batch at a time (and freezes some for later) for about $5 total. These cookies last her about a month – much cheaper than if she bought similar versions at the store.

#3 Clean With The Same Products Grandma Used

Another way to save money in the kitchen is on cleaning products. These can get expensive – especially since there seems to be a different cleaning product for each cleaning project (one for windows, one for cleaning countertops, one for cleaning the sinks, etc.)

If you don’t have tons of money to spend on cleaning products, try using the same products that people have used for years – good old vinegar and baking soda. These are cheap, non-toxic ways to get a clean home for less.

Baking soda to scrub a sink is just as good as other cleaners (and a lot less toxic). And vinegar is a great natural disinfectant for counter tops and grubby handles or chairs.

So those are some ways to save money in the kitchen. There are many more of course. But by using a little ingenuity and creative thinking you can really save a lot of money on your meals and your home kitchen!

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