Qualities that an Employee should have

Finding a job is hard, but keeping a job is much harder. Once you signed a contract in a company, there are rules to be followed and works to done. An employee plays the most vital part in a company; they serve as a backbone, for without them, no company will run.

Keeping a job is hard, but you can work it out if you have these 10 characteristics of a good employee:

    Hardworking- It is the right of an employer to expect high from you and it is your will to be productive and help the company to grow. Hardworking employee often gets reward of being promoted for a higher position.

Punctual- An employee should be at work on time. Never make being late a habit, nowadays, companies are tough against late comers and became one of the factors why they fire employees.

    Be smart at all time- An employee should be smart to make an outstanding difference among the rest. Always be and look smart. Your head officers might ask for your opinion on certain things, you should be ready and prepared to give bright or appropriate ideas.

  Meet your deadlines- If you are assigned to work on a certain project or activities, make it good and submitted it before or on time. When at work, always prioritize your job before anything else.

    Cooperate- An employee should cooperate on the activities provided by the company. Do not alienate yourself among co-workers, have fun, enjoy being with them for they may help you when you are experiencing work problems.

   Time Management- Expect multiple of work loads when you start working, this is how time management pops on the picture. Of course, each tasks provided to you has deadlines, manage your time to each task for you to finish them all. Employers often give multiple tasks to tests how good you are on handling pressure and time.

Trustworthy- An employee should always be trusted and loyal to the company. The moment you signed contract to the company, you should abide the rules that all files and documents and what you’ve seen and heard within the company premise should remain confidential.

    Teamwork- If you are assigned to be part of a team to work on a certain project, never hesitate to lend your ideas and suggestions. Make your team work. Never be a burden to your team, by not cooperating and lazy.
  Mind your own business- Mind your work and not the private life of your co-workers. Never engage yourself on the fresh gossips and rumors, instead, keep yourself busy on your tasks to avoid trouble.

Inspire others- By being industrious and possess the qualities mentioned above, you can inspire your co-workers to work hard. Be humble and help your co-workers when they seek for your assistance.

About Mela.Always be passionate on your work, being tired is normal but never let yourself drowned by tiredness. Always seek for things that will make your spirit alive. Remember that employment nowadays are in crisis, so never let yourself get into trouble at work, work hard, dream higher, and be a model employee.From: http://www.jobopenings.ph/article_item-135/10_Qualities_that_an_Employee_should_possess.html