Proven Tips to Help Stay Motivated on Your Weight Loss Plan

You will not get the clean fit body that you desire by just wishing and dreaming about how you are going to get into a great shape; you have to get up and take definite steps towards achieving your goals.

In this article, we shall be looking at the following tips that will surely help you to stay motivated on your fat loss plan so that you can achieve the ripped lean body that you desire:

Tip 1 – You have to believe in yourself and you have to make up your mind to never give up; if your mind is not fully made up, you will not be able to achieve your desired goals.

As you step out to start your diet and exercise plan, you have to realise that the journey will not be a smooth sailing one; there will be some days when you will feel strongly like giving up and it will take a lot of determination and focus on your part to keep going.

Tip 2 – Have clear goals and put your goals on paper. If you do not write down your clear goals, how can you be sure that you know where you are heading to?

Tip 3 – Review your goals regularly every six weeks. Evaluate your progress every six weeks by comparing the results that you have achieved with the goals that you set out to achieve.

Evaluate yourself continually, but do not be too hard on yourself as you might not always reach your exact original goals; always remember that “It is better for you to aim for the stars because even if you do not get to the stars, you would at least get to the sky”.

So, do not be afraid of setting high goals for yourself because, by doing so, you would only challenge yourself to push towards your goals better.

Tip 4 – Get a calendar to place on your fridge and mark the calendar like this:

a)You should mark the days that you managed to follow your diet without cheating with a back slash.

b)You should mark the days that you were able to carry out your exercise sessions with a forward slash.

c)You should mark those days that you managed to exercise and follow your diet with an x mark.

5 – Take a picture of yourself at the start of your weight loss diet and place this photo in a place where you can see it daily. Looking at the picture of your fat and overweight body constantly will spur you into more action.

6 – Get a good camera and use it to take your picture every 4 weeks so that you can actually see the progress that you are making. Place these pictures one after the other so that you can appreciate the gradual progress that you are making.

7 – Have clear reasons why you want to lose weight and place those reasons on your blog.

8 – Clear junk and fast foods from your kitchen; keep only nutritious foods that will help you to get to your desired fat loss goals in your kitchen.

9 – Prepare your meals ahead of time so that by the time you become hungry, you would have what you want to eat already with you. This will help you to curb the temptation of eating fast foods, especially when you at work.

10 – Always remember that you are responsible for what goes into your mouth and only you can decide and control what you eat.

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