Make Your Homework Schedule!

Write down your homework each day

Whether it’s on an old fashioned piece of paper – which gives you the satisfaction of obliterating it when you’ve done the task – or a spreadsheet. It matters less how you keep note of the pending items than that you actually do it.

Of course, you need to look at the schedule every now and then as well. That way a task doesn’t sneak up on you at the last minute – that’s what you’re trying to avoid after all.

Work out how long you’ll need to complete it

The first few times this will just be a best guess. But if you keep a note of your actual times as well as your guesstimates you’ll soon know how long it takes.

Homework isn’t normally designed to take up your whole out-of-school life so make sure it doesn’t by actually concentrating on it when you start your work. Rather than constantly flicking back to Facebook and other, much more interesting, sites.

Diarize your homework

In the same way that you go off for sports, dance or whatever other lessons and out of school activities.

Make an appointment with yourself that – unforseen circumstances excluded – you’ll actually knuckle down and do your homework at a scheduled time. Just make sure that those unforseen circumstances don’t crop up every time you’ve set aside for doing your homework.

Use your downtime

You know. Those spare minutes while you’re waiting for food. Or the 5 minute commercial breaks on TV if you’re not doing something that requires continuous attention. Or even break times at school if it’s pouring with rain or all your friends are being super keen as well.

Allow rest times

You won’t be at your best if you decide to have a marathon homework session for 5 or 6 hours on a Sunday evening, just so everything can be ready for school on Monday morning.

Split up the times you spend on homework. Work out your own schedule but one that works for a lot of people is 25 minutes followed by a 5 minute break.

Or if you’re doing an essay subject and know that you’ll have 45 minutes in the final exam to complete your essay then set your timer for that. Then you’ll be used to it when the exam comes rather than having to work out how to squash what would normally take several hours into the new, shorter, time period.

Reward yourself

Let yourself have an hour’s gaming or whatever as a reward for completing your homework. You may need outside help from people like your parents to enforce this – it depends how self disciplined you are!

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