Is Organic Food Safe?

iStock_000016363399XSmallA distinct line has been established between organic and inorganic foods. However, do we ever really question the benefits of organic food? We do hear about inorganic food being unhealthy, and not as valuable. But the question is who really guaranteed the safety of organic food?

Are organic foods always better? The answer to this question is different for different situations. Organic does not necessarily mean better or safe. Here are some highlights about possible risks related to organic food.

The food that is grown with the help of pest sprays are usually inorganic. But how do we save organic food from pesticides? Actually, it is really difficult to do so because pesticides are the only tool that can kill or at least keep away specifics pests. Farmers also find it a challenging to keep the organic food safe from most pesticides. Therefore, the use of pest sprays becomes mandatory in some farms. Now, they do try to use sprays that are less harmful but they are harmful nevertheless.

Moving on to to meats, it is invincible to keep the parasites away from animals. You can definitely control what you feed them with but you cannot control what kind of germs or other parasites they get infected with. The risk remains almost the same in organic food. If the meat is not safe from parasites, there are fair chances that those parasites will be transferred to humans as well.

Bacterial Affects
You can never guarantee air to be free of bacteria. Be it organic food or inorganic food, bacteria are going to be there and if they infect animal feed. They also release some dangerous substances called mycotoxins. It is very much possible for these mycotoxins to be transferred to the produce of the animals as well. Poisonous and organic foods are more prone to having these because fungal sprays are avoided in organic food and only fungal sprays can kill those mycotoxins.

Synthetic fertilizers that are used to produce organic food consist of manure and compost. They have a higher level of being contaminated in a fecal way. A research study shows that 8.1% more of organic food contains fecal contaminations. However, the percentage for inorganic food in terms of it is only 1.6%.

All those sprays and fertilizers that we consider to be bad for our foods and make them inorganic also save us from various such possible fungal or other kinds of diseases that we may catch due to their absence. Organic food has its own benefits but it is prone to getting you infected with more diseases as well. Therefore, we must know the facts before we can actually differentiate between two things and choose a better choice.