Incredible Ways To Cut Costs and Stay Healthy

People make a lot of New Year resolutions. But, two of the most common are saving more money and weight loss. However, the other side of the picture tells that it is not easy to follow up on the resolutions for a lot of people. Some people successfully accomplish their plans, while others need help. They are unable to strategize their resolutions and follow up on them keeping the longer lasting benefits in view.

Most people fail to lose weight and save money because it already costs a lot of money to join a gym, purchase fitness gears, and eat healthy. Here are some easy to follow ways to help you cut costs and stay healthy.

1. Use the Internet
Internet is full of resources that you can use to learn the work out techniques and other important weight loss lessons without incurring any cost. You should go out running in the morning, followed by a simple workout plan to begin with your weight loss resolution. Later, try working out the exercises and workout techniques explained in the videos available over the internet.

2. Benefit from New Year Membership Rates
At New Years’ eve, a lot of gyms offer discount rates in the month of January to rope in more members. This is a great opportunity for people who want to lose weight and make resolutions every year that eventually fail. A lot of gyms also invite their past members and offer them discounted rates that offer up to $1,000 in savings. You can pay the entire year’s fees as a lump sum amount instead of paying it on monthly basis. This can be very useful for you to accomplish both your resolutions. However, you should not terminate your membership during the year which could incur you loss.

3. Negotiate Your Gym Membership Rates
If you preferred switching to a cheaper corporate gym rate, you can still avail discounts. Ask the coordinators to know if they can cut the costs because the management also would not want to lose a customer in such economic crisis. Also, see if you are eligible to avail any discounts due to your active participation in community services like volunteer groups, food co-ops, etc.

4. Lay off the Personal Trainer
Hiring personal trainers can be too costly as they guide you based on your personal plan. If you have worked with your personal trainers for quite some time by now, you must have learned a lot. All you need to do is lay off your personal trainer and continue doing the same exercises and following the same workout techniques as instructed.

5. Go to Work on a Bike
You can ride a bike instead of spending too much money on fuel or even for public transportation fees. Not only it would be healthier for you, it will also save you lots of money by the end of each month and make our planet a better place. It is important to note thatI if your company offers reimbursement for bikes rides, then you should definitely avail it and spend the saved amount to pay for a gym membership.