How to Make Wedding Bouquets With Fresh Flowers?

Wedding bouquets have gained significant importance in current world. You can find bouquets in almost all wedding ceremonies, whether you are having an engagement party or wedding ceremony. The wedding bouquets are costly to buy, but if you want to save costs, then you can try making it at home. Yes you can make a fresh flower-bouquet at home by following few instructions. Though you can buy a cheap flower-bouquet, hands on approach is more special for the special event. Obviously hand-made thing is more worthy of praise than a ready-made one.

You can make bouquets of flowers for the stage decoration or for guest’s tables; you can arrange the flowers on stage table and around the lamps on the hall. The bride can make these bouquets too as they do not consume more time, moreover the bride can easily leave the bouquets for few hours and can get ready for the event. You must practice making the bouquets in advance of the event so that you can get familiarized with the entire process. The first step towards making a fresh flower-bouquet is to collect few things like: towels, vase, flowers, scissors, ribbons, floral tape, pins and rubber bands. You can add beads and other accessories to the bouquet as per your wish for making it more attractive. You can collect the flowers from your lawn or yard, or moreover you can buy the flowers through florist’s shops.

You should buy the flowers not a day before the wedding, instead try to get the flowers in the morning of the wedding. Place the flowers in a cool place by arranging them in a vase. In this way the flowers will not get ruined. Dry up the flowers by pulling them out of the vase. Make use of towel for drying the flowers. You must clean the flowers from roughage, thorns or foliage and if you want to make your bouquet full of greenery, you can leave the leaves of the flowers. Use scissors for removing extra greenery from the bloom if you do not want it. You should avoid pulling the leaves or extra stems from the flowers, instead use scissors for removing all such things. You need to arrange the blooms by pulling their stems together, bunch them together and give a shape in a way that the middle flower higher and side blooms lower. In this way, the bouquet will take a round shape.

You can add greenery to the bouquet by placing leaves and try to arrange the leaves by pushing them up. The next step is to tie the bouquet together with the help of rubber band or alternatively you can use floral tape. You can tie the bouquet from the middle or from the base of the blooms or the stems. After tying up together, you need to cut the bottom of the stems in order to make them even and uniform. For hiding the rubber band, you need to place ribbon over it and use a pin to secure it.

You need to wrap the ribbon around the bouquet bottom and middle, so that stem and all tape part get covered with ribbon. It would give a neat look of the bouquet. Thereafter, you need to keep the bouquet at cool place until the event. Moreover, you can keep the stems moist by placing the wet towel at the bottom of the stem. Be careful while placing the moist towel that it does not come into contact with the ribbon. You must make sure that the stems of the flowers are dry before giving it to the bride.