How to Beat Non-Productivity at Your Workplace

One of the reasons when people are subjected to unnecessary stress at work is due to being non-productive! But before going further, let’s take a look at the word Productive, which is commonly used term in the manufacturing environment.

While you may not like, the reality is that this is part of the stress equation. You are stressed out simply because you are not productive. Having been in the manufacturing industry for half of my life, I am a living testimony when it comes to stresses that individuals are subjected to in this type of environment.

While most people complain about stresses at work all the time, I normally take a different approach and analyse the common sources of these situations. You’ll be surprized to know that there are ways whereby you can minimize the effect of stress and live a life that you should be living.

Here are five ways to negate the impact of stress and instead, being productive;

1. Plan your day activities accordingly

Like we plan our vacations way ahead of time and to the minute details, there is no reason on why we cannot do the same for our daily activities. The common problem is that we take planning for granted and let
circumstances dictate on the day’s work. While I agree that not all people are in this situation, a significant number is! So if you are one of those who hated planning your activities, I have a solution for you at the
end part of this article.

2. Take control of your precious time

For some of us, after the plan has been done, the hard part is execution. Very few people in today’s fast-pace working environment is doing only a single task. Most of us are doing a lot of things, commonly known as multi-tasking. Manufacturing loves the concept of multi-tasking for a simple reason, that it will require less resource to complete a given number tasks. Therefore, you need to be consciously aware on how much time you have to spend in any given tasks so that you can accomplish more at the end of the day. As the saying goes, take control of your time or somebody else will! This is very true in my experience.

3. Deal with the time-wasters promptly

Look around at your working place and observe what your colleagues are doing and how long they are doing it. I can tell from my experience that the common timing where time is wasted is during morning break, lunch breaks and afternoon breaks, just to name a few. Time is wasted here due to excess time taken. The list gets longer and longer for the time wasters around the work-place. These are non-productive times! The key thing here is consciousness, on the time limit at which you are supposed to go back to working mode after the break.

4. Scrutinize your inter-office commitments

One of the reasons when some people are non-productive and stressed-out at work is over-commitment! Take an effort to avoid this, instead be realistic in giving commitments. You should have heard these words spoken oftentimes, “say what you and do what you say”. This is very true! You will make somebody mad at you by not delivering your commitment. I’ll make a conscious decision to examine my commitments in a periodic basis and give myself sometime before making some commitment dates. One thing that has helped me a lot is the idea to, “under commit but over deliver”! Try it and you’ll be amazed how effective it could be in your situation.

5. Be aware of the resources around you

This is what I called, “other people’s time”! If there is a way that somebody can do the job as well as me, then I will happily delegate the task. Or just delegate the non-critical tasks. In so doing, you can take up another task and produce more at the end of the day. The important thing here is being familiar on “who is doing what” at your workplace. It could be just the guy next to you who can help you in doing more and being productive in the things that you do.

Being productive is a good habit to cultivate. Indeed, nothing beats the feeling of making people happy because you deliver your commitment. However, it takes discipline and conscious commitment to be productive at all times, especially at workplace. The best thing is that if you can make productivity as a way of life, rather than in a selective moments and tasks.

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