Help Yourself To Pass Grieving Time

Grieving is not a nice feeling. It can make you feel like your insides are being torn around. It may seem impossible to move on with your life. But there is hope. There are ways to get through the grieving process so that you can become a stronger person and stay connected to the people you love.

Losing someone you love might have happened in one of two ways. Either his passing was expected or not. Both ways do not matter in the way you will grieve but will affect the way that you initially felt when you found out that the person was gone.

If you had no idea that your loved one was going to pass, then your initial reaction might be shock. The kind of shock that leaves you wondering if you`re dreaming and if what is happening is real. Often people in this stage cannot process the information properly and cannot function in general.

When a loved one passed away and you knew that it was going to happen, you will still be shocked but will believe it in a way. Knowing that someone is dying can give you the room your mind needs to process the event and prepare for it a bit.

There are some stages you might go through in your process through grief. The first one is shock and getting through the notion of it. Your body is going to feel shocked and your mind as well. During this stage you might cry off and on and have up and down feelings. Your emotions might feel like they are on a roller coaster, as one minute you are laughing at a good memory, while the next minute you are crying.

Your body while going through shock might not be able to properly function as well. You might feel tired all the time and feel the need to sleep. You might not have an appetite and therefore will not want to eat or drink. It is important during this stage, to ensure that you force yourself to eat and drink, because if you let your body get run down then it will ultimately affect how you can heal inside.

The next stage in the grieving process might be a feeling of anger. You might feel angry that your loved one died. Maybe he was too young, or died in a way that could have been prevented. Perhaps it was an illness or an older relative that you did not expect to pass. Feeling angry is normal and can make you feel like you need someone to blame. During this time it is best to keep communicating about your feelings to other loved ones or a professional who will listen to your thoughts. If you keep feelings bottled up inside it could be destructive to your healing process.

The next stage of grief can only be healed through the passing of time. And the stage is considered a time where you finally realize that your loved one is gone. You have gone through the initial shock and felt the anger and pain of it and the next step is actually feeling his absence in your life. This is the stage where you will miss hearing his voice, or seeing or touching him. With the passing of time, you realize that he is not coming back and that you won`t see him again. These feelings can often feel a bit claustrophobic. Because there are things that you cannot change no matter what.

The best thing to do is try to remember his life. This can be done by looking through photos, watching videos and remembering special times that you had.

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