Health Dangers Of Sugar substitutes

Just because everyone is so obsessed with weight loss and wants to become ultra slim, artificial sweeteners are replacing natural sugar dramatically. However, like many other food items, we tend to ignore the drawbacks of it and use it just because we believe that it will save us from becoming obese. It is all in a person’s head what he/she perceives and chooses to believe. Certain sweeteners are medically tested before use and they qualify over others but even they pose threats over human health in different forms. Here are some of such sweeteners that are considered good but have side effects attached to them as well.

It is corn syrup, which is used in huge quantity in soft drinks. However, it is an artificial sugar. This is such a compound or element that the human body does not utilize in anyway. In fact, the human body does not even recognize any of its uses. Since it remains idle within the body, it can possibly be the reason for some illness or heart condition.

Saccharin With cyclamate
It is another sweetener that is termed synthetic and yet does not lose its dangerousness. If saccharin is combined with cyclamate, it can cause bladder cancer in animals. It is termed harmful for human health as well. Even without cyclamate, it is not termed positively by anyone and yet people use it for the replacement of sugar. However, there is a conflict over it being harmful as well on the medicinal scale. It still is not a good enough reason to keep using something that does not provide you with any tangible advantage.

This sweetener is also known as sorbitol. It is used in sugar free gum. An interesting question is why people even go for sugar free gum if they still want it to taste sweet. Human beings want to have everything and yet pay for nothing. Same is what they do to the taste of sweetness. The drawback attached to this one is that it causes gastric issues and serious disturbances in some cases.

This one is used in diet soda. The sole purpose is to avoid carbohydrates by consuming these sweeteners but is it really worth staking your amazing health just for the sake of a desire for soda or gum? We hardly answer that question and choose to move forward by closing our eyes. This sweetener can turn into methanol and then formaldehyde at room temperature and can result in weight gain, breast cancer, or brain tumor.

This one is similar to aspartame. It can also cause breast cancer, brain tumor and weight gain.
The sole reason of becoming slim by losing weight is now over shadowed if we look at the drawbacks of these sweeteners with open eyes. Now is the chance to make your move!