Get Your Kids to Like Gardening

Children are curious little angels that will do anything as long as it gets their attention and interest. Getting your kids to like gardening can be done with ease as long as you introduce it in the right way. Getting too serious with children will reduce their passion towards a thing or an activity. For this reason, your gardening activity with your kids should spell out fun and laughter if you are planning on hooking them up with gardening.

Gardening is a fun way of expressing yourself with plants and designs. This is a must try for adults and children alike as it is relaxing and rewarding. Although gardening seems like a complicated activity, it is quite simple and easy to do even for our children.

The first thing we need to do is to take your children to your garden and give them a brief idea on what is gardening and how it’s done. Show them around and let them have a good look of your garden. This will arouse their interest on this stress-relieving activity.

Show them your seeds if you have some in your garden and let them decide for their own seeds they would like to grow. A good way of getting their interest is to bring them to your local garden store and show them to the seeds section as they can look at each seed package with graphics. Children are fond of looking at pictures so this is a great idea to get their passion for gardening as they grow up.

Don’t forget to get them kiddy gardening tools when you buy the seeds with them. Show them what tools they would need for their garden and let them choose what they want as some tools come with different designs and colors. Teach them how to properly use these tools and tell them to be careful when they are using their gardening tools.

Make them feel a part of the group by letting them prepare their garden bed on their own by digging the ground and removing the weed. Almost all kids would love to play with dirt so this job won’t be a problem with your little ones. Make sure that they properly use their spades as they dig. Watch them closely as they work their way on their garden plot as kids tend to play sword fights and other dangerous games that children love to do.

Let them plant their chosen seeds on their garden bed. Show them how it’s properly done by planting the first seed. By this they will get an idea on how to do it correctly. Make every instruction simple as most kids won’t grasp complicated instructions and information. Avoid being strict on this activity as they will quickly lose interest with gardening if they feel uncomfortable.

Teach them how to properly water their seeds and tell them to be careful when watering the seeds as they are delicate and should be handled with care. Wash their hands with soap and water after every activity to keep them clean from bacteria which they can get from gardening.

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