Four Causes of Sudden Hair Loss in Men

Since the biological makeup in both men and women differs, even the usual reason for excessive hair loss is varied. When it comes to hair loss in men, this can be attributed to four main causes and these are hormonal, stress, lifestyle and certain hairstyles.

Majority of the human bodily functions are driven by hormones, and one of this is hair production. One hormone in particular that causes male hair loss or clinically known as androgenetic alopecia is testosterone.
When testosterone comes in contact with the amino acid, 5-alpha reductase, it transforms it into a more active form which is DHT (dihydrotestosterone). This is the very culprit, which when it comes in contact with the hair follicles, it causes it to thin, shrink and then fall off permanently. So if you have seen men who are suffering from receding hairlines or bald crown areas, it shows that their hairs are driven to extinction by the unforgiving DHT.

For a hair loss that is caused by hormonal changes, medications can be prescribed after a thorough consultation is done. Medications such as Rogaine or Minoxidil are proven to restore a good amount of hair with regular use. But a more aggressive treatment which offers permanent hair restoration is a hair transplant. Although it is invasive in nature and rather expensive, a hair transplant is able to give natural-looking results with excellent coverage. However it should be given that the hair surgeon performing it is experienced and skilled.

Stress can also be a hair killer if left unmanaged. There are several reasons that can send us out of our normal rhythm every day. And when you fail to balance this it can take a toll on your body, and usually the ones affected are your sensitive hair follicles. This is what is called stress alopecia. Too much stress can send many of your hair follicles into resting phase or Telogen effluvium, which causes them to fall off in clumps. The initials symptoms of stress alopecia are waxy hair strands caused by the overactive sebaceous glands. Hair also becomes dull at closer look.

Stress alopecia can be cured through stress management with some medications.

The kind of lifestyle that you adapt can also affect hair health. What you do on a regular basis can create a mounting effect on your body later on, and your hair is no exception.

For instance, if you are not eating right and are not incorporating the right nutrients from vitamins and minerals into your diet, this can lead to unhealthy hair which is highly prone to breakage. Protein and minerals such as calcium can help create a strong set of locks. So make sure that you are eating right, not only for your hair but also for overall health.

Part of your lifestyle is your habits and vices. Alcohol, cigarettes and even recreational drugs can create detrimental effects to your hair. Aside from filling your body with harmful free radicals, it also impairs proper blood circulation which is vital in maintaining a healthy head of hair.

But for those men who are more creative with their hair by adapting highly constricting hairstyles, they are more prone to hair loss. Some prefer wearing tight braids or corn rows, but what they do not know is that the constant strain can eventually lead to breakage and eventually to hair loss.

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