Faster Recovery After Cosmetic Surgery

Your road to recovery is also as important as a good surgeon and a seamless procedure. How you prepare for it and how you take care of yourself, especially your surgical site, can determine the final outcome of your cosmetic surgery. Here are some tips to help you heal faster.

Get everything in order.

Weeks prior to your surgery it is important that you clear your schedule to ensure that you will have enough time to rest. You should get the shopping done, your home cleaned and arranged, your medications prepared and placed near your bedside, and you should arrange for someone to assist you after surgery. Also prepare emergency contact numbers, even including food delivery service because you might be bedridden for a couple of days. When you have everything prepared you will be more at ease as you move towards recovery.

Start out as a healthy patient.

You need to prepare your body to withstand the physical demands of a surgical procedure. You should avoid vices such as alcohol and cigarettes at least 4 weeks prior to surgery because this can impair the healing capabilities of your body. It also helps to keep your weight down to get better results.

Avoid blood thinning products.

To prevent the incidence of bleeding, it is important that you keep medications, food or beverages that have a blood thinning effect. This includes aspirin, vitamin E, some herbal medications and even alcohol. So keep these at bay weeks prior to surgery and even after the procedure to ensure that you heal properly. Bleeding can lengthen the healing time which increases the risk for scar formation.

Apply cold compress on the site of surgery.

A cold compress applied gently over the surgical site allows the swelling to subside. When swelling is controlled, this improves the healing time and it also lessens the severity of bruising. This should be done immediately after surgery up to two days at the most.

Carefully follow aftercare instructions given by your surgeon.

Listen carefully to the post-operative instruction the surgeon gives you. Follow the medication timing especially with antibiotic treatment to prevent any infection from developing, and you should also remember how to properly perform wound care. Post-surgical instructions also include the level of activity that you are allowed to do during the recovery process, so do not stress yourself unduly and follow bed rest instructions.

Assume proper positioning.

The way you position your body, especially when resting, also affects the healing process. For any cosmetic surgery done on the upper portion of the body, particularly on the face, you must always remember to keep your head elevated to prevent swelling on the area.

Don’t forget to rehydrate.

Surgery can deplete you with large amounts of fluids which can place you at risk for dehydration. If your body lacks proper hydration your skin is less likely to heal properly. Therefore you should load up on water to replenish what you’ve lost during surgery.

Make use of the healing power of massage.

Once your sutures has closed and the scabs sloughed off, a good way to lessen scar formation would be to massage it with vitamin E. Protect your skin properly by applying good sunscreen and avoid sun exposure because this can cause your scar to darken.

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