Eat Properly For Muscle Building

Protein is probably without the shadow of a doubt, the most significant nutrient when it comes to your diet for muscle building. You may be weight training and lifting weights until you turn blue in the face or ingest all the fats, carbs, and other nutrient in the world, but if you do not give your body with a sufficient level of protein, you can just forget about having that lean and muscular physique you are seeking. Consuming high levels of protein is an absolute necessity for real mass developing and for repairing damaged muscle tissue after an extensive muscle building workout.

The amount of protein you need to consume on a daily basis to successfully build muscle? For optimal results, the basic rule of thumb ideally should be around 1 – 1.5 grams of protein for every pound of your body. So if your weight happens to be 150lbs you should do your best to take in around 150 – 230 grams of protein every day. So then how exactly does one take in a fairly large amount of protein every day? No worries, as I have gotten together a list of foods very high in protein that you should always keep in your diet for building muscle. If you stick to eating these and other foods like them, you will be building muscle in no time!

Numer 1) Whey – There is no doubt in my mind that whey ranks number one as king standing above all other sources of protein. In regards to biological value and certainly quality, protein from whey is absolutely whey ahead(pun intended) of all the other sources of protein. We are speaking of a superb quality, near pure protein source which has notably faster absorption rate when standing next to other foods high in protein. Whey also every necessary amino acid maximum strength and faster muscle growth.

2) Eggs- Don’t ever forget to have this food in your diet for muscle building as these are literally jam-packed with tons of the vitamins, protein, and the other essential minerals you want in your muscle building diet. Eggs are typically looked at as the most basic standard food for creating and maintaining an impressive physique. Eggs have for long time have always been regarded as a bodybuilding necessity. Just one egg contains about six grams of significantly high biological valued protein. Eggs also happen to be a food that is easy to make and as you know, quite delicious.

3) Fish- Again, another excellent source of protein. A typical can of tuna provides around thirty protein filled grams and here’s the beauty of it: it has no carbs what-so-ever or fat! If tuna is not your fancy(I don’t personally care for it myself) you could try other kinds of fish like the Spanish mackerall, salmon fillets, or cod. Most fillets of fish have about twenty-two grams or so of protein for every 3.5 ounce serving. Aside from being great source for your protein, in fish also contains a high amount of what are known as omega-3 fatty acids. These are essential for proper functioning of the body and of the brain. It’s also speculated that they are good for your mood as well. Don’t eat too much fish though, as fish naturally does contain traces of methyl mercury, which is a pretty un-healthy chemical in the well known negative effects it can have on the brain. OK, anyways, back to the diet for muscle building.

4) Turkey or chicken breast- A compilation of foods high in protein that build muscle definitely isn’t complete in absence of this wonderful source of protein. Chicken/turkey breast is considered to be among the most potent sources of protein around because it consists mostly of lean chicken meat which contains minimal amount of fat and is absolutely loaded with B6 vitamins for protection of the heart. The best thing of all, this type of meat is incredibly high in it’s protein. The amount of protein you wonder? A staggering thirty grams of protein for every 3.5 ounce serving! Eating a seven ounce of chicken gives you around sixty or so grams of that protein which is nearly half of the daily mass building requirement in your diet for building muscle if you weigh in at 150 pounds as used in the example earlier.

5) Red meat- An amazingly tasty source of protein which contains all the traits of an excellent food to build muscle. A big six ounce steak contains about forty grams in protein of the highest quality. Beef is absolutely chock-filled rich in the B complex vitamin and is also filled with what’s known as creatine, to assist you in hitting the weight room aggressively giving you that extra boost in cellular energy making it basically go through the roof.

Remember as well, drink lots of milk, whole milk! Milk is probably the best source of protein when it comes to your daily beverages. As a side note, if you happen to be a vegetarian or don’t eat meat for religious reasons, or whatever, replace all meats mentioned with tofu! Aside from being incredibly high in protein, tofu also happens to be one of the more nutritious and healthy foods high in protein out there. A half cup of this stuff can give your body around twenty grams of your daily protein intake. You’ll be well on your way to gaining that muscle mass you desire when you are on a good diet for building muscle!

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