Deal With Fire and Water Damage in Your Home

If you have ever had the misfortune of dealing with fire in a home, you know exactly how much of disaster the mess is. The fire of course is damaging but then you also have the damage from the water and from the chemicals they used to put it out.

After the damage occurs it is a good idea to open up your windows to let in air so things can dry out. You do not want to walk on carpeting that has been damaged or soaked. You will want to change the filter in your furnace. Generally do not try to clean up the walls, furniture or flooring or cabinets yourself. You want to leave that to the professionals. You can actually do more harm than good in this situation if you do not know what you are doing.

Also, you should make sure that all of your appliances are safe and are not going to short out and cause problems if you use them again. The first hours after all the water damage is very important and always remember the next step:
Remember that it is necessary to start repairing water damage as soon as you can. The longer your house stays wet, the worse the damage is going to be. You cannot allow mold to form any more than a small amount. This can cause you huge health problems if you do not deal with it fast.

When your insurance company lets you start to work on repairing the mess, you need to get a professional in right away to deal with fire and water damage. Your insurance firm may have a company they want to deal with, or you may want to use one of your own. You will need to have them come in and assess your home and figure out what can be repaired and what has to be torn out and replaced.

What you may find is that you think that some part of your house, such as a wall, can be easily repaired. But the professional in water and fire damage may look at it and determine that it has to be torn out and replaced. You do not want to try to skimp on the repairs in this situation. You could easily end up with a dangerous environment for your family. Is it worth saving $5000 and having a wall collapse in a month? You should try to find a company who gives you a complete and honest assessment of what needs to be fixed. You do not want to use a company who is going to encourage you to get around certain repairs and to not do the complete job that needs to be done to make the house safe and livable again.

Once you know how much it is going to cost to restore the home to pretty much its original condition, you can let the company go to work to clean up the fire and water damage.

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