Choose Your Fit Eyeglasses Properly

Even though it may be more important when wearing contact lenses, fit is still an important factor when you are wearing eyeglasses. It is true that the lens of a contact sits directly on your cornea, but an ill-fitting pair of glasses can still cause you problems. Most of the issues that result from glasses not fitting properly have to do with pain. You’ll feel pressure in your head, on the bridge of your nose and in your eyes if glasses are too small.

If your eyeglasses are too big, you may have trouble keeping them on your face and you’ll spend more time trying to see with no prescription because the lenses aren’t where they’re supposed to be. The optician at the glasses place will likely take some time to ensure you have a proper fit, but there are also a few ways you can know if your eyeglasses fit properly.

The easiest way to know if your glasses don’t fit right is if they are too big and they slide down your nose as soon as you put them on. If you don’t notice any glaring signs like that, it make take a little more investigation to find out if they fit properly or not. When the glasses are sitting on your face, each eye should be looking through the center of each lens. If that isn’t happening, you could use an adjustment. You might notice that your peripheral vision is affected or there is a glare on the things you’re looking at, which indicates the eyeglasses are either too big or too small. If your eyes seem to be in the right spot, leave the glasses on for a few minutes, then take them off and take a look at your nose. If you see any red marks or indentations where the glasses were sitting on your nose, they aren’t fitting your face properly.

Most of figuring out whether the glasses fit properly is through feel. Pay attention to how they feel on your temples, on your nose and around your ears. If you can feel any pressure or pain in your head, you’ll need an adjustment. When you’re there with the optician, she can make minor adjustments after each check to slowly get just the right fit. The optician will also help you choose a set of frames that match your overall face shape. Picking out a pair of eyeglasses designed for a square face when you have a round face is a sure way to find glasses that don’t fit right.

It can definitely take some tinkering, but once you have a pair of new glasses that fit your face perfectly, you’ll be more likely to wear them more often. Keep an open mind when searching for new glasses, because what you envision and what fits are sometimes two different things. Choose comfort over fashion if it comes to that, because your eyeglasses won’t do you any good if your days are filled with headaches and other problems.

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