Causes Of Wrinkles That You Never Thought About

A crease or fold on the face is a sign of aging. Today, this can also be a sign of a stressful life. This means that young people are getting old early. Their skin is becoming deficient of moisture and elasticity prematurely. This leads to the formation of wrinkles. So, it is not surprising to see young women slathering many an anti wrinkle cream.

Causes of a creased face

Lack of collagen and moisture in the skin leads to its creasing. Other factors that play a role in wrinkling your face include:

•    Ultraviolet rays: You might have thought until now that excessive exposure to the Sun might only cause some tanning. You were unaware of the fact that when you were happily strolling under the sun, the rays penetrated inside and damaged your dermis permanently.

•    Medical condition: People with hypertension and diabetes display fluctuating insulin levels. Higher discharge of insulin may inflame the skin, leading to wrinkles. Before you use any anti wrinkle face creams, you must consult your doctor or use a cream recommended by a dermatologist.

•    Deficiency of vitamin D: The University of Tampere located in Finland published a paper, which states that too much vitamin D can cause premature aging. However, it is important to have sufficient vitamin D to regulate growth factor -23 of fibroblast to determine aging and skin cancer.

•    Lifestyle: Cigarette smoke and alcohol snatches the elasticity and glow from your skin. Late nights lead to dark circles around the eyes and create a dull complexion. Do you know when you sleep at night, your skin cells repair the wear and tear of the day and refresh your skin? If you fail to catch a good night’s sleep, you are depriving your skin the chance to rejuvenate itself.

•    Food habits: Do you stay away from greens and nutrition? Better watch your diet because your skin shows what you eat. Stuffing yourself with processed food leads to build-up of toxins in the skin, causing it difficult for skin cells to function properly.

•    Use of mediocre makeup: The kind of products you use on your skin play a role in determining how fast you age. Harsh skin products remove essential oils from the skin, making it drier. Certain unsuitable products may clog your pores and trigger all sorts of skin problems. If you sleep with your makeup on, you are inviting skin disaster. You must cleanse your skin properly and apply only the best anti wrinkle cream before hitting the bed.

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