Care Of Your Diet To Avoid Hair Loss

Losing a significant of hair can be spurred by a number of causes. It can range from hormonal imbalance, stress, medications, pregnancy, and certain conditions. But let us focus on one particular cause that most people may be unaware but are more highly at risk for, and that is poor nutrition.

Since we can’t always get all the nutrients that we need in a single meal, or even in a day, that is why at times we tend to become deficient on some essential vitamins and minerals. There are a number of disadvantages that can be named due to poor hair nutrition but among all these excessive hair loss can be the easiest to be identified.

One of the vitamins that play an important role in the growth of tissues, including the hair is vitamin A. A deficiency in this particular nutrient not only causes visual problems but it can also lead you to lose too much hair. To ensure that you get the right amounts of vitamin A eat up on yellow, red and orange fruits or vegetables.

Vitamin D, or what is known as the sunshine vitamin, can also cause hair loss when you have deficient amounts. Since it is essential in the healthy life cycle of hair, a lack of vitamin D can affect the life cycle of the hair. If you are into vegetarian diets, there is a good tendency that you can lack vitamin D. Most food sources of vitamin D are animal based such as sardines, eggs, liver, salmon and beef. But you should strike a good balance with vitamin D because too much can also lead to hair loss.

Vitamin B12 is also a key factor that causes hair loss. People who have absorption problems in the stomach and intestines can be vitamin B12 deficient. But to determine whether you do have a deficiency, a blood workup would be a definitive test. But for those who simply are not getting enough of it in their diet, food sources that are teeming with vitamin B12 includes dairy products, liver, fish, oysters, salmon and non-fat dry milk.

If you are also deficient in Zinc, there is also a high chance that you could lose a significant amount of hair. Zinc is essential for tissue growth and repair particularly with hair. It is also responsible for keeping the oil glands healthy enabling it to keep the hair follicles healthy and strong.

Protein is also another nutrient important to keeping the hair follicles on your head. It is also a major component in the hair formation and growth. So to ensure that your locks are in the right condition and to aid your body to make up for the hairs lost, try to keep a healthy intake of meat, beans, eggs, soy, milk and cheese to name a few. But you have to remember to keep your protein intake under control because some food sources can be high in fats, and that can lead to high testosterone levels which can result to hair loss.

Sometimes to treat hair loss you can simply rely on proper nutrition to restore good hair volume. It is always best to try out other possible options first to keep your hair follicles on your head before you submit to surgical hair restoration such as hair transplants. Before anything else, check what you put on your plate because it just might keep you from going bald.

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