Can Extra Nutrition Also Cause Problems? Control Your Intake of Red Kidney Beans

Red kidney beans are known for their nutritional value and significance. However, there are certain things that we do not generally know about nutrition. At times, excess of good can be bad for you. In the same context, the nutritional value of red kidney beans is designed in such a way that their consumption is good but excess consumption can cause multiple problems. Here are some facts that will help you realize the quantity of red kidney beans that you can consume and if you choose to neglect that, you will have to reduce your intake of other food items with similar nutritional values.

Blood Clotting
Red kidney beans contain a compound named hem-agglutinin. If you consume this compound, it may cause blood clotting, abdominal pain, nausea and possibly diarrhea. However, there is no problem without a solution. Therefore, the only way to avoid consuming this compound is to properly cook the kidney beans before eating them. Once you cook kidney beans, this compound loses its effectiveness and becomes inactive. Avoid eating raw beans in any case.

Metabolic Troubles
The human body has a routine requirement for fiber. If you plan to include kidney beans into your diet, then make sure that you limit the quantity. If you eat it in excess, then the fiber in your body will also be in excess. This additional fiber in your body creates digestive issues and other problems pertaining to bowel movement. Therefore, it is crucial for you to realize that your diet has to contain a proper mix of all nutrients. If you are consuming more kidney beans, then reduce the consumption of other items containing fiber.

Vitamin Component – Folate
Just one and a half cup of red kidney beans alone can fulfill your daily requirement of this vitamin named folate. An additional amount of this one vitamin in the human body can become severe enough to cause cancer. Therefore, you must consume all nutrients but make sure that they are in the right amount. However, if you really love kidney beans that much and definitely want to include them in your diet, you will have to control your consumption of other food items that might have the same vitamin.

Extra Iron Can Damage Organs
You thought iron is good for bones and health? That is true but only if it is maintained in the correct quantity. If you consume more iron than your body needs, it can result in brain or heart problems. The same iron can be the reason for a stroke or heart attack. A single cup of kidney beans is enough to meet your daily need of iron. Since, you also consume other things, which contain iron. Therefore, you must consume kidney beans in a very limited quantity. There needs to be a balance between all the elements.