Buying Healthy Food From The Groceries

Doing the grocery can be fun and challenging, but most people are unaware of the marketing scam that is going on in your grocery store. It is always wise to check the label as well as the nutrient contents of a food items in the grocery.  Food labeling can really be tricky most of the time.  Considering that these food manufacturers would just want their products to be sold, they create fake labels to entice unassuming customers. Even if the products are not fresh, they would label it as “fresh”.  Even if the food is not healthy, they would call it “healthy”.  It is quite a disappointment that people directly or indirectly believe this lie.

There are three instances wherein these lies were perpetrated by these food manufacturers.  In order to check the authenticity of their claim, we are going to make a comparison between an organic product and one that is not organic:

1. An organic peanut butter contains only two very simple ingredients; peanut and salt. A non-organic peanut butter has no natural healthy fat and it is saturated with processed sugar.

2. An organic egg is complete with the white and the egg yolk retained because most of the vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants can be found in the egg yolks. A non-organic egg is loaded with artificial flavors, vitamins and colorings and they have removed the yolk.

3. An organic butter is from a grass-fed butter which is high in linoleic acid and contains stable saturated fats.  A non-organic butter is loaded with highly processed and deadly trans fats.

In view of these three instances, it is deeply encouraged not to patronize this “labeled food.”  It is better to check with the Food and Drugs Administration as to the authenticity of their claim or fall as a victim in this marketing deception.  It is also advisable to have better know-how of these products to avoid falling prey into this fake food manufacturers. A proper information and guidance on food manufacturing is also necessary to avoid buying products that could endanger one’s health. It is a sad thing that many people are being victimized by these big food manufacturers.

The next time you visit your grocery store, just be very careful in selecting food items that you buy.  Always put in mind that you have to safeguard not only your health, but the health of your entire family as well. One thing that you need to know however is the fact that choosing the right kind of food whenever you go out to shop should not be a hard thing, but something that you can do with ease. With the kind of information available here, you should be able to lead a good and healthy life henceforth.

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