Best Methods to Recover from Bruises

We get bruised unexpectedly at all the wrong times. We hammer our thumb instead of the nail, or bump our toes into a piece of furniture while walking quickly. While these accidents are painful, most people’s first response is to shout out at least one cuss word!

Believe it or not, academic studies actually suggest that swearing does help in pain recovery when we develop a bruise! Experts claim that using explicit language in the initial moments of the injury helps people to relieve pain and make them feel better!

The study in question was to be published in NeuroReport, which is a scientific journal. More than 60 volunteers (all of whom were students) were selected for the experiment. The objective was to keep one hand in chilled ice water for as long possible, while frequently using a swear word.

The exercise was repeated, and this time the undergrads were asked to use a less explicit term. What was the result? They were able to hold their hands inside the cold water for a longer time while swearing. What an unconventional method of pain tolerance!

Researchers state that abusing is a part of every language. Although it is not clear how swearing and pain recovery are related, observers claim that when people swear their stress response (fight or flight) activates which aids in the body in fighting pain.

So what can we suggest to you? Swear when in pain? Though it may help, you will be better off using the following methods to heal your bruises.

Use Ice Packs
Always keep ice packs in the freezer in case of accidental injuries. It would be better if you cover the pack with a thin cloth so that skin will not be damaged. If you get hurt, apply the ice pack to the problem area for about 15 minutes. If the sore persists, repeat the application from time to time.

Apply Heat
After using ice packs after regular intervals, you can use heat therapy the next day. You can use hot packs and a warm cloth for this purpose. The heat will improve blood flow in the vessels that will help to repair the damaged area quickly.

Drink Calendula Tea
Drinking calendula tea also generates great healing effects. This is a plant that mostly grows in North America and is used to treat skin injuries and broken bones. You can find calendula in stores that sell herbs.

Preparing calendula tea is easy. Add 1-2 teaspoons of the herb to a cup of boiling water. Strain it after 15 minutes and drink it. Repeat this thrice a day for maximum benefit.

Parsley and Ice
Finally, an effective bruise recovery method is adding parsley to your ice packs. You can blend together some parsley with ¼ cup of water, and pour the solution in an ice tray. When an injury happens, warp the cubes in a thin cloth and apply over the wounds.