Argan Oil Benefits for Reducing Cholesterol

Argan is a tree develped in the Moroccan and develops in dry weather and also has deep roots, so that it maintains up with little rain well.

This oil has alight yellow color with atough flavour andis removedfrom the seeds coprosing thebones in the fruit. these seeds are cooked and ground to accomplisha type of honey, which is stored for a week until it get dries. Afterthis process,oilpulp is taken out. This work is normally completed on a small level by women. The most famous way is to gather the ripe fruitsunder the tree whenthey have already reduced.


Argan oil contains high linolein acid, which assists your body to lessen the levels of LDL cholesterol and also raise HDL cholesterol.

The Berbers also utilize it in your kitchen as a medicine asithas various applications. It is also suggestedin gastrointestinal diseases. Argan oil also stimulates the circulation and heart. Argan oil is also very effective in the cases of fertility problems in men and women.

Argan oil contains high antioxidants which assisyou to preventyou from the causes of free radicals. It is also very advantgaeous for trearting anti-aging problem. Argan oil also include vitamin E which helps you to provide a glowing skin and also strong hair.

There are argan oil tonics avialable which are very beneficial for children.

Argan oil lotions are also very effective for nails which provides strength and also shine to the hair.

You can also use the argan oil as a sunscreen and you can also add olive oil in it.

It is also very beneficial for fightagainst psoriasis and acne problem. Argan oil is also vey effective for cleaning wounds as it also has antifungal and antiseptic effects.

Argan oil is aso very beneficial fortreating rheumatic pains and also for skincare and protection. It is also said by one of the group of investigators that materials containing argan oil maybevery effective in the prevention of cancer anddiabetes.

Argan oil is very beneficial for anti-aging. This oil is extracted from raw seeds of Argan tree. Seeds are potted in the hard nut of Argan fruit. This truth makes it a great challenger for anti-aging agents. Argan oil is the best for regeneration of skin in many ways. It is proved that 80% unsaturated important fatty acids in Argan oil assist protect and lessen tenderness, a very lethal agent affecting anti-aging. Because of anti-aging the skin loses its tightness and softness which are one of the most common and clear sign of anti-aging. Argan oil is very effective to fight against these deterioration causes.

Another very essential part of Argan oil is Phenolic compounds. These compounds prevent your body not in favor of the chemical reactivity of free radicals. Sterols in Argan oil prevents the important protein established in human joints named Collagen, hence protecting the joints and skin from going out of look. High concentration of unsaturated fatty acid in this oil reduced the cracked and dry skin better. Daily uses of Argan oil assists in eliminating bad marks and scars on skin. It is also very helpful in eliminating the stretch marks, wrinkles and other blemishes on the skin.

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