Affordable Ways to Re-Paint Your Kitchen

Update your kitchen
Do you want your kitchen updated without spending tons of money?  Then think of doing up your kitchen in bright colors like fiery orange, deep blue or a dark shade of green. Basically you do not have to buy items, as you can make do with things that are already in the house.

Sense of Art
Make a fresh beginning by creating a different sort of environment by placing different colored bric-a-brac and other stuff for a unique background. Combine that with a vibrant fresh color. You can buy coral canisters to make your own coral curtains. This will really give your kitchen a fresh look as at an affordable price.

Storage Boxes
Besides storage purposes, storage boxes will look lovely when painted with a vibrant color scheme. Just get some wooden boxes from the local store and spray paint them in colors that you like. Put a paper label or cut out some letters and label the boxes. Fill the boxes with items that you need handy, but are not used daily. Stack the boxes near to some other colorful items, such as cookery books.

Cutout Designs
Get a plastic cutout design in a bold color. Cutout designs or Stencils are available in stylish designs including scrolls, heralding designs in lily or iris. Place pictures of food and flowers on various parts of the wall. Use masking tape on the stencil and add a dash of acrylic paint with a sponge that is used on stencils. To make things easier, use removable decorative stickers. The stickers will basically make your work easier.

Adding decorative dishes gives your kitchen a contemporary look. Try and find dinner plates all of the same color such as ZaZen’s Crackle Dinnerware decorated with serene greenish blue aluminum. These can be hung with plate hangers in a circle on the wall, or to give it a different hue to can be hung between the oven and the pantry. By setting plates on plate stands and placing them in lines on the window sill will make your breakfast corner more colorful.

Mud Pots
Mud pots are quite cheap and can be easily changed with paint specially made for such pots. Paint the pots in bright vibrant colors and wrap some ribbons around the pots to make them look stylish. Do not apply decorative braids or pompoms and try and create a modern look with other decorations. The colored pots can be placed near the sink to give your dish rack some color and style. They can also be placed in different places and settings.

Café Panels
For this, avoid small blinds and get some classic café panels. To create your own panels, you can turn tea towels into artistic curtains. You can color dye tea towels in fashionable colors. Paint them with different shades of color. Place a rod on the lower half of the window and hang the panels side by side. You can choose other items to add color and brighten up your kitchen.