8 Creative Ways to Earn Extra Money

There are a lot ways you can earn some extra cash on the side. Plus, with today’s economic condition, earning some extra money wouldn’t hurt. With today’s economy, people have undoubtedly limited the way they spend their money.

Here are some ways you can earn some extra cash:

Do freelance work
Nowadays, almost any job can be done on a contract or freelance basis. Check out sites like Sologig, which lead jobs seekers to consulting, freelancing, and part-time projects that will help you earn money.

You can even take up writing online articles, become a graphic designer, you can end up designing logos, or marketing campaigns for companies since most companies today are looking to outsource their work.

Start a Blog
In the world of blogging, there’s a place of expertise for everyone. If you’re an expert at something, people would want to know about your expertise. Advertisements or recommending products could help you earn some profit from your blog.

Try Direct Selling Companies
The most uncomplicated forms of earning money, on the side, is to join these direct selling companies. Companies such as Avon let you start your business for as low as $10, and what you keep depends entirely on your endeavor. This is perfect way to earn some extra cash according to your own schedule.

Become the infamous Secret Shopper
Register yourself with these secret shopper companies, and you’ll be paid to basically act as an undercover agent reporting on the operations of the business in the form of a customer. You can earn up to $100-$2000 a month.

Become a photographer
If you have skills taking a snap here and there, why not earn you some extra cash? Many people are always in the search for a good photographer that can capture their wedding or family portraits. You can even earn commission through website like Shutterstock.
If you want to take it a step further, you can sell prints of your photography online by creating an online portfolio. This can be done by creating your own website on storefronts such as

Take Advantage of your artistic talents
Get your creative juices flowing by designing t-shirts and selling them online. You can check out Café Pressor or Zazzle where you can set the price of your t-shirts.

Another great option you have is Threadless, where you can submit your design for the website community to vote for and comment on your design. If your idea is selected you will receive $2000 in cash and $500 in gift certificates.

Learn How to DJ
If you love music and like to mix it up then learn the trade of a DJ. DJ’s earn big money today and if you’re music is good you can gain reputation fast.

Write a Book
If you have the knack for writing, try writing your own book. You can uses LULU to self-publish your book using one of their templates. Just write the content and Lulu will do the rest (while taking their cut of course).

There it is, 8 creative ways for you to earn some extra cash on the side.