7 Tips to Avoid Decorating Disasters

Rules for decorating your home
Everyone needs and likes a good comfortable home. If you follow some basic and smart rules, you too can make your home comfortable and pleasing enough to visit. You might be constrained by space or money, so plan effectively and your home will be as well decorated as your esthetical sense. Here are 7 tips to avoid decorating disasters.

1. Plan what you will buy
The first and probably most important thing is to plan your buying. Always remain within parameters and never buy indiscriminately. The best thing is to buy in the order of flooring, window dressings, large furniture followed by accessories. Large furniture consists of sofas, beds, wardrobes, cabinets and cupboards. Next look for chairs, stools, coffee tables etc.  Good planning will help.

2. Minimize accessories
Too many accessories will only clutter up your home without adding to its looks. Don’t get carried away and buy everything that someone else has. The extra pillows or furniture only reduce your space without really improving your home. Buy what is necessary and what looks good, and do not create a decorating disaster.

3. Cultivate your individuality
Your home should reflect your individual sense of estheticism. Do not try and make your home ‘showroom perfect’. The accessories and furniture that you buy for your home should show your personal touch and style. Showroom style sometimes looks out of place in a home.

4. It’s your home not a gallery
Too many paintings or sculptures or prints make your home look like a gallery. This is another tip you should follow to avoid a decorating disaster. Keep in mind that these items are considered to be additions not necessities for your wall.

5. Fashion, Fads and Trends
Don’t try to follow every current fad or trend. Fashion trends usually change every few months or so, which means that you are going to update your home in the latest fashion every few months? The best thing is to buy things that have a good general look, so that they never seem out of fashion. So get rid of your fashion obsessions and you will have a great home that will be ‘in fashion’ perpetually.

6. Hide those cables
Cables snaking all over the floor make your home look untidy and like a place of work. Hide the cables under the baseboards, or better still, get some cable covers so as to keep cables out of sight. This would also ensure that you family or visitors do not keep tripping over the cables.

7. Matching colors everywhere
Having everything in the same color usually makes the place look monotonous.  Contrast tastefully with different colors that complement each other. Even then, do not get carried away by using all the colors of the rainbow. Use color tastefully and in appropriate measures.
Everything is important like lightning, propionate settings, curtains, art etc. But all things must show a sense of balance and harmony. Avoiding all these mistakes will make your home much better and more pleasant.