7 Tips for Moms to Efficiently Clean their House

In any house that has children, you have a never ending stream of dirty clothes and dishes that need to be washed, toys and clothes that are carelessly tossed everywhere and waste in the oddest places. Keeping the house clean is a never ending and sometimes very frustrating task. However there are 7 tips that moms can follow to efficiently clean their house.

1. Make a Schedule
Most women make a weekly schedule for cleaning. This makes cleaning the house less formidable and also ensures that mess does not accumulate. Some women do a little cleaning every day, but mostly they have a day for the laundry, a day for the dusting and vacuuming etc. It really helps if you plan and follow a set routine for house cleaning. This makes for more effective organization and keeps the house clean.

2. Clean During Naps, Meals and Playtime
The best time to clean is when the kids are taking a nap during the daytime. Cleaning can also be carried out when the kids are occupied such as playing with their toys etc or someone else is minding the children.

3. Track work that has been done
Maintaining a list eliminates repeating work that has already been done. Keep a board and an eraser to list the tasks for the entire week. When all work on the list is done, wipe it off and make a fresh list for the next week. With a list, it is possible that some other member of the household may do some work on the list thereby saving mom the trouble and work.

4. Set a timer
Most moms prefer taking a shower while the baby is sleeping in preference to cleaning the house. The best way to handle this is to work extra hard, say for the next half hour. When the timer goes off, and if the baby is still asleep, then the mom would have some leisure time to do whatever she prefers such as watching a favorite show or taking a shower.

5. Squeeze in a Nightly Clean
When the kids are in bed you want to relax. Well, if you put off relaxing for another ten minutes or so and do some cleaning, it keeps things in perspective. Taking care of some chores before sleeping usually reduces your workload during the day.

6. Keep a basket for odds and ends
Usually the bits and pieces left by children at every available space is quite annoying. Keep a basket and make rounds picking up everything which is not in its proper place. Have the children help you with this and then sort out and place things where they should be.

7. Inspiration
Ask other organized mom for a show or website which will give you inspiration. Inspiration may not come immediately, but with time and effort everything will fall into place. Having a detailed plan will also inspire you to work efficiently. Take some time off. Leaving dirty dishes overnight is allowed as long as you maintain your weekly schedule.