7 Tips for Eating Slowly

Eating quickly is never a good thing. It not only results in overeating, but also an upset stomach. It is important to properly chew, taste and swallow food to achieve satiety. You can control the habit of eating quickly by keeping your eyes on a few things.

Given below are seven tips that will teach you how to eat slowly:

Don’t be Afraid to Practice

Eating quickly is a habit that grows in a person, and is often difficult to do away with. It requires a lot of practice to convince your mind and change your habit. Remember the new eating slowly laws until they become your new habit and you do not have to remember them every time.

Sit at a Good place

Don’t start eating at random places around your house. Dining tables are designed for this purpose, and you should make good use of them. Sitting on a table tells your brain that you are now ready to eat. Eating while standing or talking is not a good option because one does not keep an eye on how much he or she is munching, and the brain also often fails to register the meal.

Don’t Attack the Meal

Do not attack the meal when you come across it and serve small portions to yourself. Quite often, we tend to overeat just to finish the remaining food in a plate, even though we are full. Always serve yourself a little amount of food so that you find it easy to finish it all. This psychological effect has been proven to work really well.

Get Rid of Distractions

Most people multitask, especially when having a meal. Watching television and eating your meal is a common habit; however, it has a negative effect. In such times one keeps on eating without really knowing how much he or she has eaten. The brain is often too busy concentrating on the television and fails to send the “stomach is full” signal, which results in overeating.

Chew Well

It is very important to chew your food well before you swallow. When you chew your food, you get to appreciate it and realize how much you have eaten. This automatically slows down the eating process helping you achieve your goal.

Drink Water at the Right Time

Always drink water before your meal or between it. This will force you to slow down and concentrate on other aspects of eating. The water you drink also makes your stomach feel fuller and you will not indulge in overeating due to the fullness achieved through water.

Eat with the Right People

Do not eat with ferocious eaters, as there are more chances of you catching their bad habit of eating a lot or eating quickly. Try to be in the company of people who eat bit by bit so that their good quality can rub onto you. We tend to behave like people we are with; hence, this trick always works.

Make these simple habits a part of your daily routine. You might experience some difficulty initially; however, you will get used to all these in a short span of time.