6 Signs to Know If Your Man Is Tricking You

Are you dating someone who maintains a bad reputation among people? A lot of people believe that opinions don’t matter when you are in love. However, it is very important that you have a relationship of trust with him. If you are not able to trust your man completely, it indicates your relationship needs help.

Of course, when your man pretends to be someone or something unlike him, there is something that needs to be fixed. When you lose trust, troubles begin. So, eager to know the truth behind him, look at these warning signs that could help you recollect his true image.

1. Your Best Friend Dislikes Your Man

In such a case, don’t brush off your best friend’s expressions. Ask her what compels her to whine about your man. However, it is important that you have faith and trust in your best friend and that you have been friends through thick and thin. This will ensure that you both know each other really well. She will definitely hint you about the negative aspects of your man since she wouldn’t want you to hang out with him anymore.

2. He Acts Differently With Different People

Your man will act happy, positive and gracious with you. On the other hand, when he’s with other people, he is difficult to put up with. It’s not because he has an adaptable personality, it is simply because he wears an altogether new persona when with you.

3. He Talks Behind People’s Backs

This sign is a tried and tested indication of your man being a phony. If he says something in people’s face, and something else behind their back, then he’s probably doing the same with you.

4. He’s Self Obsesses

Such men tell all the good and best aspects about themselves, without realizing that to err, is human. If he does so, he will most likely also compare himself to other men as well as badmouth them.

5. He Lies Often

So, your man has lied to you before? If he has a habit of doing so compulsively, he is not only doing it in private, but also in public. He probably does this because he has a habit of wearing a fake persona and blabbering about himself.

6. It’s A One-Sided Relationship

In such a relationship, your man won’t want you to make moves on your own. He would instead want you to dance on his tunes, upon his terms and as he wants. If you try violating his rules, you will have to suffer, whereas he will continue doing what pleases him. Perhaps, it’s high time you come out of this one sided-relationship soon to be able to enjoy the pleasures of a healthy relationship that blossoms with time.