5 Ways to Quit Drinking Soda Pop

Let’s face it, even the greediest child wouldn’t ladle the amount of sugar contained in the average soda on their own accord. Yet when we drink soda in ever larger containers, we’re gulping down spoons and spoons of the sugar. With the inevitable effect on our waistline. So, how can you quit drinking soda?

1. Buy alternatives

Quite often we’ll just drink soda “because it’s there”.

So if your fridge isn’t stocked sky-high with every conceivable brand and flavor of soda, that’s a good way to start.

Stock up on healthier alternatives. Which doesn’t mean the diet versions of these drinks. It means real alternatives like water (flavored if you need help to wean yourself off soda slowly), juice, maybe iced tea so long as it isn’t drenched in sugar, that kind of thing.

Of course, that doesn’t help in fast food outlets or restaurants. So when you’re eating out, you need to get in the habit of ordering something other than your regular cola. This takes practice but the good thing in these kind of places is that you can change your mind if the first thing to come out of your mouth is wrong.

2. Make it gradual

Going cold turkey can be nasty. Headaches and other unwanted things can happen.

So cut down your soda pop consumption gradually. Maybe go to a smaller serving size first. Or if it’s near enough the same price to go large (which is the normal way restaurants get you to consume more) then make it a habit to drink slower and be happy leaving more than just the ice cubes in your cup.

If you’re an organized person, make a chart for this and stick to it.

3. Drink more water

Water makes you feel full. So it’s actually good for weight loss as well.

Make it a habit to drink at least a cup of water around 30 minutes before your meal time. That timing isn’t precise, so don’t use the fact that you’re going to eat in 15 minutes as an excuse not to drink the water. Just do it when you remember and it will begin to form a habit.

Almost by definition, water keeps you hydrated. But if you’re feeling fuller because you’ve drunk that extra glass of water, then you won’t slurp down as much soda pop when you get to meal time.

4. Stop snacking on soda

Depending on which healthy eating authority you believe, snacking between meals is either good for you or bad for you. So I won’t go into the should/shouldn’t on this.

But if you’re in the habit of having a snack accompanied by a monster cup of soda, cut out the soda!

The same goes if your “snack” is purely soda. Just cut it out, pure and simple.

5. Scare yourself

Before you start to guzzle down your next soda, take the time to calculate just how much sugar it contains.

Then visualize that – ideally by piling up a mountain of sugar sachet or actually spooning the quantity of sugar onto a plate.

Once you’ve done that, ask yourself if you’d voluntarily eat that amount of sugar if it wasn’t dissolved in your soda pop. My guess is your answer would be a resounding “no”. In which case, don’t do that when the hard work of dissolving that much sugar in that little liquid has been done for you in advance.

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