5 Unusual Tips to Get Rid of Your Extra Fat

You might find the below given tips absurd and ludicrous; however, one thing that makes them worth reading is the fact that they actually work! These are proven strategies that help you keep your weight under control without much effort on your part.

These are unusual and hardly read; however, once you see how good they are, you will surely be spreading the word. So without much ado, let’s take a look at the five unusual tips to get rid of the extra fat accumulated in your body.

Enjoy the Aroma of Your Meal
Is sniffing your meal weird? Well, not when it helps you lose a few pounds. This might sound bizarre and too good to be true, but it has been proven by several researches. Sniffing foods like bananas, apples and peppermints can actually help you achieve the waistline you dream of.

A research conducted on 3,000 volunteers in Chicago by the Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation found that people experienced less hunger when they sniffed these foods. As a result, they consumed less food that resulted in an average weight loss of thirty pounds. This is because sniffing sends the signals that you are actually eating the meal and your stomach feels full.

Keep a Mirror in Front of You
Another strange but effective way is to look into a mirror while you eat. Doing this will help you stick to your diet plan and actually reduce your food consumption. In some cases, people have been reported to only eat half of what they eat on a regular day. You must try this trick at least once to see the positive results that it has.

Go Green – Go Blue
When eating your meal, try to have green vegetables in an environment that is bluish. Every color has a psychological impact. The color blue acts as a suppressant for your overall appetite. This is the reason restaurants rarely use blue color in their decoration, because it decreases a person’s appetite.

So get a blue dining table cover and carpet. Try to stay away from shades of red, yellow and orange because they have an opposite effect on the eating habit.

Keep Records of Your Meal
Keeping record might sound boring, but it gets exciting when you take it as a challenge. How about clicking pictures of all your meals and taking a look at them regularly. Looking at your double cheese burger or cup full of ice-cream will surely make you feel a little embarrassed, and you will give it a second thought before repeating that again.

Self Bondage
Number five on the list is easily the oddest trick in the list that requires you to tie a ribbon around your waist before starting your meal. This may sound silly, but fitness experts swear that this is one of the most effective tricks in the books. It keeps your stomach aware of how much you are eating and you tend to eat less because you start feeling tighter as you continue to gallop on the food.