5 Surprising Facts about Modern Nutrition

So you want to be healthy but are not really sure on how to do it. Considering that we all work so hard every day, and spend way less time that we used to really looking at our food intake. There are a few interesting items that most people really need to know about modern nutrition.

1. Less Nutrition is actually in the food than 50 years ago.
Yes, this is a scientifically proven fact. About 50 years ago the level of nutritional value than what it is today and this has been causing a stir in the Food Administrations across the globe. So far the discussions are all about the level of soil value in which the items are growing, at the moment there is no conclusive reason why.

2. Frozen V’s Fresh V’s Organic
This is an even harder debate going on. This is going to provide a better option for nutritional value and the easy preparation. So far the frozen is in the lead where it is “ snap frozen” The idea here is that it has less ability to lose its value when the items have been taken away from its natural source. For example, Beans. When they are plucked from the vine, the quicker they are frozen the less nutritional value they should lose. Then the idea of only organic food is better value for you. In Austria most of all food is organic and has been for some time now. The idea that the organic food can be of a greater benefit nutritionally is at somewhat still more of a choice at this stage until the results come in the future and the benefits over a longer time can be quantified.

3. Taking the time to prepare proper meals and make smart choices.
When people take the time to  prepare their meals, e.g. make a sandwich for lunch, it has been conclusive that these people are far more nutritionally valued, than say someone that grabs a hot dog or hamburger from “ those” places every day. One the flip side to this, the new fresh menus with the meat and salad versions at many places can really make it a super easy place to get your nutritional meals daily.

4. Cancer benefits from vegetables.
One in four people will be affected by this dreaded disease. But just eating some vegetables that are known to have beneficial properties can certainly help. Some of the commonly known vegetables is cauliflower. That white flower is packed with the cancer fighting powers. Eat it raw and as a healthy snack, with carrots and a little mayonnaise dip!

5. Growing your own V’s buying.
If you have had the opportunity to eat fresh, I mean just picked to mouth in less than 1minute, you will really see the difference in things like berries and even fresh peas. If you can, the nutritional value of these grown at home variety is usually far more and possibly tastier than the store brought. To conclude, the nutritional value of most foods is being reconsidered by all across the globe. From the raw foods being munched on to the new fresh salad menus everyone is trying to find the right food for them in this modern world.