5 Surprising Causes for Winter Weight Gain

Christmas and New Year parties inevitably bring out the ‘mission impossible’ task of squeezing into our best party frocks and dinner suits. But why is it so common for people to pack on the pounds during winter? Here are five common reasons:

 1). During the cold nights it is tempting to pile the bed high with warm duvets and blankets. But being too warm prevents effective sleep which is bad news for digestion – and poor digestion can lead to weight gain.

 2). Invariably we spend more time indoors during winter, generally in closer proximity to family, friends and work colleagues. Unfortunately this gives viruses a great platform in which to flourish and the common cold is passed around like a relay baton. Having a cold can make you feel tired and weak and give you the perfect excuse to skip the gym.

 3). A cold house during winter can make you eat more than you would in a cosy, draft free, environment. Your body converts food into energy and energy is burned to raise our body temperature, but sadly not all food can be converted into energy, turning to fat instead.

4). Many people have a natural urge, during winter, to eat comfort foods such as, potatoes, rice and pasta all of which, in moderation – and when undertaking regular exercise, are perfectly good, healthy, foods. But without the exercise these foods will add to your winter weight.

 5). Winter is without a doubt the most stressful season of the year and with that comes weight gain. Increased stress levels make it more likely that your body will store fat and when you’re suffering from stress, you are less likely to give due consideration to the food you eat; increasing the chances of eating less healthily.