5 Steps to do back to school shopping on tight budget

Everyone gets excited whenever school is about to start because there are a lot of things to buy, such as books, new clothes, new shoes and many more. The only spoiler is that most people don’t have enough money to buy all of this stuff. Back to school shopping doesn’t have to be expensive; you just have to know where to look and which ones to buy in order to avoid hurting your wallet.

1. Most parents are willing to spend just because it is for their children’s education, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When school is about to start, there are usually a lot of promos in bookstores and even online. Take advantage of these and go shop for the supplies that they need. Don’t forget to do some canvassing as well. If it means that you’ll be improving your credit rating and if it means that you will be saving a lot then why not?

2. Be wary about back to school times as well, because some stores charge more during this time because they know that people will be panic buying. If this is the case, you can start buying the supplies early to avoid the huge crowd of people and the long lines that you have to stand in.

3. A lot of parents don’t consider buying materials in bulk because they think that the things just won’t be used and it will be thrown out eventually. But if you have a lot of kids who are in need of supplies, then you can opt to buy the supplies and bulk, and keep the excess somewhere safe. You’ll be able to use them soon or even next year, so don’t throw it away. Prices every year are on the hike so it’s best to buy them while they’re cheaper.

4. You don’t have to buy new books all the time. You can ask some of your friends or your family to give you old hand me down books to avoid spending more. You can also go to some book sales and ask if they have the book that you’re looking for. But if you really have to buy a new one, choose to buy the paperback instead of the hard bound books which are twice of even thrice more expensive than the paperbacks. Don’t worry, the contents are all the same and it’ll be lighter to carry, which makes it easier for your child as well.

5. Look around your house and check if you have the supplies that you are looking for. You get to clean out your house and save at the same time. You can still use un-filled notebooks, just tear off the paper with writings on it and it’s still good.

Make use of these budget friendly tips to avoid overspending for your child’s school supplies. Keep your own list and do whatever it takes to avoid spending too much without letting your child go to school unequipped.

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