5 Scrumptious Meals That You Can Prepare With Chicken

Creativity comes from within us. Each one of us has some sort of creativity that they can put to use and create exceptional things. For example, your kitchen is the best place to put your creativity to use. There are all sorts of food items that you can use to prepare unique meals. Fruits and vegetables are the most used items for preparing different meals on various occasions. However, when it comes to meat, chicken is also one item that can be used to prepare a variety of meals at a time.

The best creativity you can do with one 5.5 pound chicken is preparing five different meals. Yes, this is possible and you can prepare all five meals at the same time. Also, all five meals are extremely nutritious as well as delicious. So, why not try this challenging task and surprise your family and friends. Here’re the 5 meals you can prepare with one chicken.

1. Roasted Chicken with Stuffing and Oven Roasted Vegetables
It is great that you can enjoy the scrumptious taste of vegetables even when you roast them in your oven. You can use the chicken breast and wings to prepare this meal. You can cut the leftover parts of the meat to prepare other meals. Use thighs, a breast piece, and drumsticks to cube up and use later. The end result will be some cups of chicken meat. You should keep the bones, skin and cartilage into a large storage bag to prepare soup for other meals.

2. Chicken Pot Pies
Always make sure that you prepare extra gravy if you love chicken pot pies. Add diced potatoes, carrots, and peas to the extra gravy and prepare pie crusts very easily. This is a very popular meal consumed by people of all ages. You can add other ingredients into your chicken pot pies besides these vegetables.

3. Chicken Soup
The leftover cartilage, bone and skin that you have stored in the freezer can now be used to prepare soup. Boil them up with garlic, onions, celery, carrots and spices for some hours until the meat stuck on the bones come off and the bones release the collagen content i.e. protein. Add rice noodles or more vegetables to make it taste even better.

4. Chicken Tetrazinni
You can use some cubed chunks of the meat and cook with spaghetti noodles and Parmesan cheese sauce. You can add different vegetables to this meal and make it taste better as well as healthier.

5. Chicken Quesadillas
Take shredded pieces of chicken and mix with some salsa. Spread the mixture over the tortilla and dust some Cheddar cheese. Now gently fold it and heat over the griddle until the cheese turns golden brown and melts.